Do you know your potential? – Can you even?

In our lives, there’s a question that pops up almost daily. Every time we try to do something new or something that is considered unique, there is something in the back of our head asking us: “Are you sure you can do this?” or “Isn’t it better to just sit back and relax?”. If you want to know why this question is meaningless to successful people, read on!


There were numerous times in my life, when I had to deal with this question. For instance when I started doing calisthenics  (something that changed not only my body, but also my mind) or when I found myself leaving my home country to follow my dad’s employment position, and study at an international school in a city I would never have imagined I could even visit, Chinese Beijing.




Behind every change, behind every enriching experience, there is a story…


I was a high school student in the 10th grade, when me and my parents decided to drop my soccer carrier in order to focus on my studies. Our reasoning, back then, was that my academics are much more important than my hobbies and that I shouldn’t play soccer 4-5 times a week, but rather study hard in order to get to a better university. However, after a few weeks of having nothing exciting to do when I got home, I decided to make a step forward and started my calisthenics journey.

At the start, I was very unsure whether this will have any advantages for my life, or wether I will just give up on it after a few months. Fortunately enough, I really enjoyed the idea of having my own plan, my own goals and being my own coach after such a long time of being told what to do, how much to run or when to train without knowing any specific reasons for that. The few years of calisthenics taught me many great life lessons.


Old life new life


One of the biggest experiences was to never give up and to always take the risk as if you fail, you can stand back up and learn from your mistakes. Contrastingly, I learned that playing it safe, standing in the back and hoping for the best will only lead to regrets and, truthfully, won’t make your life any better. Furthermore, I found out that I could do things I never even considered possible for me. After the first year, my physique was better than ever before, my energy levels improved enormously and my mindset completely changed. I started believing myself, I started seeing opportunities I couldn’t see before, but most importantly, I started discovering my potential.


About a year after I did my first pull up, my parents told me to come to the living room. They seemed very serious about something so I got a bit nervous that something bad happened, that someone got hurt or that I did something wrong. After hearing them out, I was more surprised than ever. Without any warning or without any sign, I found out that we were going to leave our home country and join my father at his job placement in Beijing. If there was one thing I haven’t thought about when walking through the hall to our living room to hear my parents out, this was definitely it. The overwhelming stream of emotions that went through my head when I heard the news is indescribable. At first, I actually thought that my father was joking and that he would start laughing vigorously after a few moments. But he was dead serious.

After a sleepless night full of thinking, I decided to approach this similarly as I approach my previous calisthenics training. I decided to take it as an opportunity and to try my best to learn as much as I could during the planned two years abroad. I ended up leaving all my friends in my old school for something I didn’t even know, but seemed to be a huge bonus for my future life. When I came to Beijing with my family, I didn’t know the language, the culture nor the surroundings of our place. I felt lost and I really missed every single person I left in the Czech Republic.

A few weeks after our arrival, I started studying at the Canadian International School of Beijing (link), a place I didn’t know, an institution full of new people and new habits. Although I felt burdened by all this, there was something back in my head telling me to keep going, to not give up and to give it my all.


You will face hardships in your life no matter what you will do…. It is not about dodging them, you have to embrace them.


Two years later, I graduated as a valedictorian with the highest GPA in my year, I got a place at a prestigious university in UK and most importantly, I made friends all around the world. I improved my English and learned to speak decent Chinese, I continued with my excitement for sports, winning with the school’s volleyball and soccer team multiple international trophies and even joined a charity called “Children Migrant Foundation” where I personally taught Chinese immigrant children English.


Remember that when you look back, you want to be proud of your actions, you do not want to leave any regrets stuck in your past…


Looking back at these few years, I truly believe that I can achieve anything in my life as long as I work for it. I know for a fact that I have enormous potential and that its unleashing is only up to me. It became clear to me that it isn’t only me who has a great potential, it is each an every one of us. Every human being on this planet has a tremendous potential, regardless of creed, religion, race, nationality or any other categorisation you can think of. We can all do it, we can all find ourselves and do truly amazing things. There is only one thing that is keep stopping us from doing so. It is the small voice back in our head whispering: “Can you?” or “Just give up already”. Once we become self-confident, once we beat that little voice in our heads turning it into: “Yes, you can!”, we will finally realise, that nothing is impossible.

Lesson of the day:

  • “playing it safe, standing in the back and hoping for the best will only lead to regrets and, truthfully, won’t make your life any better” – There are numerous enormous opportunities that you can’t see without taking the risk of failure. You will hardly succeed in life if you won’t take any risks, because you are afraid of the “What if”.


  • “I decided to take it as an opportunity and to try my best to learn as much as I could” – Why not looking at every risk as an opportunity? This way, you can only expect two outcomes, you either win, or you learn. Not that risky anymore, is it?!


  • “there was something back in my head telling me to keep going, to not give up and to give it my all” – Once you realise that there is nothing as powerful as your own mind, nothing will be able to stop you. Come at me life!


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