How to turn your hardships into opportunities

Why am I supposed to solve this?

We’ve all been there. Solving problems connected with solutions that only create more problems. We hate dealing with them. We are used to them, but every single one of them makes us a little bit mad. At least time to time. On the other hand, I must admit a fact that I’ve realized during this year. Living without any problems wouldn’t be that satisfying. And after reading this post I hope you’ll resonate with me. What I mean by saying that we need to have some problems is the fact that we all need some challenges to encounter and some problems to tackle in order to grow more. And I believe your ambitions are similar to mine. We all want to grow as much as possible. That’s actually the main reason you’re reading this post, isn’t it?


Facing your problem

Imagine yourself in the following situation. You’re facing a brand new problem. Let’s say that you come from a poor family. You live in a small village only with your father who supports you as much as he can, especially financially. He is very generous with you. You’ve got two cars, both belonging to the father. The second one is just for your use. You study 45 miles away and you need that car every day. However one day his car is damaged and he doesn’t have enough money to buy another one nor can he afford an expensive repair. Let’s say that your father told that owing to the circumstances he’s not going to let you use his second car anymore because he obviously needs it to get himself daily to his job in order to generate some income. So you had to give up your borrowed car. You study every day 45 miles away and the nearest bus stop is 25 miles away. What would you do? Should you complain about your situation? What would you do in order to solve this problem? Or let me ask differently. Is it even a problem?



The definition of your problem…

First things first, you should be able to define your problem at the beginning. You need to be accurate when specifying it yourself. You must be very specific. Now I’m going to tell you a little secret. When you define your problem, you can easily get rid of it and you don’t even have to do anything with an exception of one simple activity. Changing your mindset regarding the way you perceive them! If you want to get better in dealing with your issues or possibly taking an advantage of them, just keep reading!

Try to recall a problem that you had to deal with in the past few days. You’ll understand the whole concept of this post much better afterwards.


“We suffer not from the events of our lives, but from our judgement about them.”



What I recommend you is to be proactive! The best thing is that you can do that anytime. Your “problem” is that you’ve lost the car that didn’t even belong to you. You had a car borrowed and lived well because of your father’s enormous help. Maybe you should realize that one day your father won’t be there for you anymore and sooner or later you will have to stand on your own feet anyway. So trying to solve the absence of the car might be challenging for you. Thinking proactively, you would possibly come to a decision that you will accept this challenge and start with some action.


Is the problem actually a real problem for you?


Who defines it as a problem? You. It’s the problem in your perspective. You’ve called it a problem and you see it as a problem. You often start to feel a little bit anxious realizing you’ve got another problem to solve. But what if I told you that you don’t have to be afraid of them, or what’s more, that you can genuinely love them. Maybe you should try imagining it as an opportunity. You do not necessarily have to perceive it as a threat. Objectively, it is a task. You’ve been put in a situation. Your situation is just a piece of reality. Not good, not bad either. You should try to avoid any judgements about that. Stay objective, even if it’s concerning you. Isn’t that “problem” rather a challenge to become better in life?


“External thinks are not the problem. It’s your assessment of them. Which you can erase right now.” – Marcus Aurelius


So let’s get back to your car challenge. You can decide to complain and maybe even stop studying frustrated of the current situation. Or I suggest you could try to look at your possibilities of getting some solid stream of income. You can start with the internet completely for free and maybe one day you’ll be able to buy the best cars in the world just because you’ve started when you were miserable! Sometimes when you perceive your problem as the worst situation to live in, it might be just the best one to help you with your rocket start. When you’re feeling down at the deepest place possible, chances are that you will make a profit from that just because the challenge motivated you so much. Who knows, maybe you would have never started if you were not in such a situation. Love your challenges and look for them!


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


How to start with your challenge? The key to dealing with passivity


After realizing what challenge you’ve got in front of you,  it’s very useful to start with fear elimination. Obviously, you could feel the adrenaline of the possible outcomes of your actions. You can be nervous or even afraid whether you’ll become successful or not. But what really works in every uncomfortable situation is accepting the worst.

When you’re facing something difficult which is looking like a hard nut to crack, what’s the worst case scenario that can actually happen to you? You’ll potentially lose the game. You’ll probably hear no from that girl you were too shy to ask to go out. Listen, you’ve got nothing to lose. The worst thing that could happen to you is in the most cases some kind of rejection which actually doesn’t change your life in any way. So what, you were rejected. At least you’ve tried. And that’s the simple point of that. If you face the worst case scenario before taking the action, you could potentially encourage yourself enough to start dealing with your “problem” – or challenge – if you want.


“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.” Alfred A.Montapert


At last but not least, I would love to recommend you a very special philosophical ideology called stoicism, which is the philosophy hidden behind basically a lot of our everyday thoughts./MyArticleAboutIt/ I find it very useful because what it differentiates from the vast majority of other philosophies, is its practicality. And I mean, it is actually very practical./affiliate-TheobstacleIsTheWay/ I regard reading books full of thoughts of stoicism as one of the uses of time activities you can easily afford to do.


Lecture of the day…


“Whenever some problem appears to try to define it first. Don’t be nonspecific, because only by defining it you can easily persuade yourself that it is actually not such a big deal as you thought previously. Furthermore, it will definitely help you with your objective judgement afterwards. Try to realize in what kind of situation you’re in and don’t judge it as bad. Try to look at the situation positively. Your problem wants you to be proactive. You just have to open your mind, accept your current situation and naturally by challenging yourself you will become much stronger as a personality. Your breakfast is ready on a daily basis. The thought-provoking question I would like to ask you is, are you going to finish it?”


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