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It’s just one beer, it won’t kill me, will it?


If you ask yourself that question, what answer would you come up with? Possibly, you would say that one beer really is ok. And that is absolutely true. However, hand on heart, are you really that strong to indulge yourself only that one pint of the golden drink? And even if you are, these “exceptions” are genuine killers of any success. In a short period of time, it may be ok. You wouldn’t feel a difference in your body. However, after years and decades of constant drinking one pint every day I guarantee you that your body won’t be in the same shape as it possibly could have been if you were drinking a cup of green tea every day. That is the power of habit. When you think of your habits, you need to think about the bigger picture. You should focus yourself on the distant future because you can not measure the moment your body started to benefit from something. However, you can clearly see the progress, or, if you may, a change in general.

Simon Sinek and his lecture on the time perseverance. Why are the habits so great?


I will give you a simple example of what I exactly mean with that. I am going to paraphrase Simon Sinek, the great thinker for you. Imagine you are about to get yourself in shape. You nine hours in the gym. Will you spot a difference after your gym session? No. Will it get you in a better shape? Not at all. But what if you work out every day for 15 minutes for a year? That would make an impact! Is it harder than to workout nine hours a day? Probably not. You know what I mean!

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 7.53.02 PM


I am going to support it with another great example of time perseverance. Guess the author. Yes, Simon! Well done. So imagine you start a new relationship. And you started realizing after several dates that you really love your precious half. Can you measure the moment you started to love him/her? Absolutely not. The present she gave you did not make you start loving her, nor the surprise he prepared for you, neither the cake she cooked for you. These were all the reasons that made you fall in love with her/him. But you can not say what gesture triggered it exactly. The same principle as the first one with the pint of beer. You cannot say that after consuming one beer you’ve become obese or unhealthy, but repeating the process, even if it is as small as it could be, makes the final impact. As Warren Buffet proclaimed, the chains of the habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.


Looking for success? Habits are the key!


Do you ever wonder why is the vast majority of successful people so organized, disciplined and very accurate in terms of their lifestyle? Well, there is a good reason for their developed behaviour. The correlation between their success and lifestyle is obvious. How can you be like them? What should you do to develop and cultivate many new habits leading to success? And what does it actually take to replace your bad habits with the healthier ones?

Well, if you are interested in anything connected to this issue, you are on the best possible site! Just keep reading…




The power of habit



The most successful people are the ones who schedule themselves every single day very simple chain of healthy habits. They repeat most activities of their days at the exact same time. They are very accurate in the timing and even the sequences of actions that follow each other. Their tomorrow is being scheduled in the same way as the yesterday was. They got written themselves the screenplay they are going to play. They do not give themselves too much time to waste. That is the path how the success is being made. It is scheduled!


It is just a chain of habits


The reason for standing behind their positive impact is undoubtedly a perfectly timed chain of habits. Nothing more. Just a daily sequence of activities accurately following one another from the morning routines till the evening meditations. Build your system of habits. Their days are literally scheduled in order to make them productive. That is their ultimate goal.

By decreasing the options of decision making, they are consciously saving a lot of willpower to the most important questions, or at least more important. The most important tasks during their days are not the morning question regarding what outfit should they take or what coffee do they crave for. They formed their own habits in order to help them reduce their everyday decisions to almost number zero. The philosophy behind that attitude is very simple. You don’t have to bother with anything that is unnecessary to solve. That is the mentality behind the system of effective energy saving. The surplus of energy they gain through reducing question factors is being used for the actual important work.


Your willpower is often misused. Do not waste your battery on the irrelevant issues…


Imagine your willpower as the phone battery. When you wake up you’ve been charging the whole night so you are at your peak. You’ve gained the maximum power and the 100 % of your battery is able to start working. With every single decision, you will make your energy decreases and you become slowly but surely more and more “decision tired”. As the day continues you can easily get your battery level on a very low number, because of too many (un)necessary decisions that you might have made. That depends on you. You can simply exhaust yourself by wasting your energy on irrelevant issues. Your energy has the potential to solve the real problems. If you don’t use it well, you won’t ever become effective. Remind yourself of the most important problems that you could have solved, but you haven’t. It is partly due to this concrete fault in decision making. Isn’t that such a shame? Wouldn’t it be great to reduce the number of all your decisions or at least to replace them with the more important ones?


“Many successful people literally love to be in the chains of their own habits”


But that would take me ages! Or not?


Not at all! It appears that the opposite is true. Experts from all over the globe agree that a process of cultivating any brand new habit does last approximately 21 days. That is not much. It is less than a month! So if you ask whether it is worth it, or not Let me answer. Absolutely!


What does it exactly take to develop and cultivate a brand new habit?


So now you are about to start with developing a brand new habit. You might be questioning how to form a habit?



Every single habit you cultivated consists of three simple phases. First of all, you need a cue or if you like, a trigger. It could be basically anything that starts the habit, that triggers your mind to act. Then comes the triggered routine. And finally comes the reward. The reason why we want to repeat the loop. It is basically the unique benefit coming from the loop.


“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” Napoleon Hill

How is this used in an advertisement branch?


The author of this famous conception was an American businessman named Claude C.Hopkins. He was one of the first advertisement creators and an expert in the advertising area. He also stands behind the revolutionary selling strategy. Below, you can see a very common example of the process of selling a toothpaste. The scheme is applicable in every single aspect you can think of. The point of the advertisement is to simply trigger the customers’ cravings for the product. As you can see selling is not “such a big deal”. Nothing too complicated. Simple and very effective method.


How to replace a habit.


So now you know how to do the advertisement work! Let’s remove your unwanted habits now. It is true that you can remove your old habits, but there is a little problem. The truth is that your old habits cannot be removed. You can just replace them. So when deciding to get rid of your unhealthy habit, you’ve been given the golden opportunity to replace it with a more beneficial one! When you’re used to eating oversalted and fatty potato chips, try eating vegetable chips as an alternative. You will simply replace the old routine, and get used to your new healthier reward.

For the illustration, I put down another scheme from the same book The power of habit. This book is one of the most inspiring texts ever. Charles Duhigg is an awesome author, by the way, his book Smarter, Faster, Better is another great reading tip from us!


The scheme is very clear and understandable. It speaks for itself.


Why are habits the most important thing in your life?


First and foremost, your habits are very minor sequences in your day, if you consider them as the three-phase processes we defined above. By developing the right ones and repeating them on a daily basis, you can literally schedule yourself a complex system leading to success. The best thing is that you do not have to do anything bigger than a lot of small and simple actions to get you there!

Don’t forget the words of Warren Buffet. In simple terms, what seems to be hard at the very first time will become very easy and sustainable after many successful repetitions. Every single repetition of your new habit will slowly but surely make the roots of your tree of success stronger. After a lot of repetitions, you’ll be stronger than ever. And your body will be supported with the shade of your tree that could grow on the daily income of your fresh attitude, patience, dedication and willpower used at the same time and the same full engagement.


The lecture of the day…


Developing and cultivating a healthy habit is the best way to ordinate yourself a genuine success. Just by maintaining the habits and repeating them on a daily basis will get you used to your system and you’ll definitely feel more and more comfortable in your chains of systematic habits leading to perfection. Remember that developing new habits does last approximately 21 days. When cultivating one, use the replacement technique in order to become more productive.

Let your tree grow. Your tree doesn’t need heavy rain. All it needs is its modest amount of water every day. Go and water it!


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