The generous magic of calisthenics

In the last few years, you might have encountered these superhuman online videos that went viral. The athletes in these videos are incredibly strong and agile, they can do what you never thought was possible. They might say that it only takes a few years of hard work and persistence. But you still feel like to do something like that, you really need to be superhuman.




In reality, it is very simple…


You only need to work hard and be persistent. In fact, the hardest thing is to start. Once you’re up and have been working out for months, it feels very unnatural to skip a workout.


So to be able to do what they do, I don’t need to diet?


Honestly speaking, no. You don’t need to diet in order to become stronger and to do the things they can do. However, your goal shouldn’t be only to look good or to be able to do what they do. You always need to consider your health. Your health is the most important thing in your life. You only have one shot at this. This is your life, this is your time. So I do highly recommend you consider dieting as well. Additionally,


Dieting will greatly boost your progress and performance.


Supporting your training with a healthy diet will greatly improve your progress and performance as it will help you regenerate faster and will increase your energy levels.



Now from general statements about training and about ways to improve your physical health, which is accompanied by an improvement in your mental health, I will get a bit more specific. Calisthenics is a way of exercising, where you use only your body weight as a resistance. In more advanced cases, it can involve the use of a resistance band or can be further referred to as “weighted calisthenics”. You might be asking:” So why is it so great?!”. The answer is not a simple one, as there is a big bunch of aspects that make it really beneficial for everyone. Let me give you some bullet points to explain, why you should choose calisthenics:


  1. It’s free. You don’t need any sort of fitness equipment when you’re beginning. The only thing you need is your body, motivation and possibly a workout park. This is also why it is sometimes referred to as “street workout”.
  2. It’s simple. The only thing you need to do is watch some technique guides on Youtube or, if you already know the proper technique for some exercises, you can take a look below, for some of the routines I personally used when I was beginning.
  3. It’s all on you. It is up to you what you train, it is up to you when you train, it is up to you how you train. There’s nobody choosing your way for you. It’s your decision whether you will let someone guide you, or choose your routines by yourself. You are the one who makes the research for yourself, you are the one responsible.
  4. You can do it anywhere. If you go for travels and you have no gym, you don’t have to worry. Your hotel room is your gym. You don’t need a gym for a couple of push ups or squats.
  5. The risk of an injury is greatly decreased, as you only use your own body to perform the exercises. Unlike in the gym, you don’t need to pick up heavy weights to perform the exercises. (Side note: the most common injury in weight gyms is not caused during the exercise, it’s actually caused by not carefully picking up and putting back the weights – bending your back etc.)
  6. It is for everyone. Men, women, children, elders, everyone 🙂

Like I said above, Calisthenics is truly for everyone. The only thing you need to do is – start now.

If you’re interested in routines or dieting tips, please check other posts in this section where we explain more specifically, what to do and how to do it. (odkaz)

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