Doing what you love will make you hate it. Scam or reality?

There is a very popular thought in our society denying that you will be happy doing what you love as your job. Is this the reality or is it just negative people trying to make themselves feel better not being able to do what they want?


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In the modern society, there is a high variety of employment places and even more opportunities for people interested in self-employment. This means that everyone should be able to do what they love, right? It isn’t that simple. There is this mindset that many people have that your job shouldn’t be your hobby. It should be a way of providing for your family, to support your family and yourself financially, period. Is this really the correct way of thinking? Let’s look at an example to make it easier for us to imagine and to truly understand this controversial concept.

Jack has finished a university master’s degree a few years ago, which obviously made his parents really happy. He also got a new job at a company, where he works as an accountant for a solid monthly paycheck. He’s making money, he has a stable 9 to 5 job, he lives a safe life with no greater risks. The only issue is, he doesn’t really want to improve in anything. He feels like he’s been stuck at this mental stage for almost 10 years now. He went to the university his parents chose for him. He always thought that his hobbies and his work should stay separated. But now, he is starting to question his decisions. He feels like his life doesn’t have any deeper meaning, apart from making money. He sees no purpose in accounting, which he chose based on somebody else’s opinion. He never thought he’d feel like this in his 30s. He realised one thing. He hates his job. Every day he wakes up for something he doesn’t enjoy doing. Every day he spends 8 hours doing something he doesn’t even find interesting.


In short, he realised that his life sucks.


One day he comes home from work mentally completely exhausted. He doesn’t even wash. He just takes his clothes off, slowly puts on his pyjamas and as soon as he lies down, he falls asleep. Suddenly, he finds himself standing in front of his high school university counsellor’s office. He’s back in his teens looking for a college to apply to. He sees his parents inside the office talking to the university counsellor. Out of a sudden, he starts having this feeling. This feeling of a need to say something, because he knows that if he leaves it up to his parents, he’ll end up living that very safe, yet awfully purposeless life. His legs start moving and he storms into the office shouting: “Let me choose! I want to live a different life!” His parents turn around, surprised, thinking that he never said anything like this before, he never showed any interest regarding this issue before. He kneels down and starts begging his parents that he doesn’t want to be an accountant, that he wants his life to have a purpose and he promises them that if they let him study something he’ll choose and that if he’ll be able to do something he likes in the future, he’ll have much better life.



His parents look at him and decide to make a compromise. If he works really hard for the last two years of his high school, he can choose what to do. He accepts without any further thinking. After that, everything turns dark and he suddenly finds himself standing in front of a huge building. He looks up and realises that his dream came true. He’s standing in front of Apple’s headquarters in California. He’s holding an invitation to a seminar led by one of the best computer science professors in the world. He’s never been this excited, he now has a purpose. He suddenly knows where to go with his life, he knows that if he works hard enough,…


…he’ll be able to help millions of people around the world…


…to live a more convenient and efficient life. When out of a sudden, he faints. He hears a noise. It’s his alarm clock. When he looks at it, it says 7pm. He gets up all confused and he realises, he’s back in his old life. It was only a dream. He storms out of his bed and starts crazily looking up computer science seminars on the internet and he joins the first one he sees available. During that dream of Jack’s, something very important happened. He realised that it’s not too late. He always enjoyed working with software, he always loved setting up new apps for his computer on his own, but people told him that he should keep that only as a hobby as he seems to really like it and that he might start hating it once it becomes his job. He found out that believing this was the biggest mistake of his life. He completely stopped improving in something he genuinely enjoys, because he spent all his time focusing on something the society made him do and not…


…focusing on what truly makes him happy.


Before we analyse this story, let’s think about what is the purpose of jobs in the society. The one and the most important purpose of working somewhere is to help the society. Jobs are made so that we serve the society. For instance, working as an accountant, you take care of the finance of an organisation that sells food, which means you are helping the company to provide food to people. Being a computer scientist, you might develop software that would help people to manage their lives better. Generally speaking, when you work, you work for the society’s benefit. I think there is something we can deduce from hearing Jack’s story. He was doing something he saw no purpose in, he didn’t try too hard, he didn’t strive to improve in. This means that someone else who might like his accounting job might do a better service. Additionally, he did not enjoy his job, but he would if he worked as a computer scientist. He would want to learn more because that branch of science really interests him, he would work hard and so he would also help the society in a better way.



There are a few questions everyone should ask themselves to make a good decision regarding this controversy of whether to do what you like or not. Will I be happier if I do something I don’t enjoy that much? Will I help people as much as I could help them doing something I like? Do I want to live doing something that doesn’t interest me the most? After answering these, everyone should know pretty accurately whether they should or shouldn’t do what they really love. If you changed your mind regarding this issue after reading this post, please let us know in the comment section! If you have a different perspective, please share it with us so we all become aware of different points of view regarding this problem!


The lesson of the day:


“Some things are very subjective, however it is only fair to show your side of the argument to everyone involved so they have more information to work with.” (TRLE)  – This post is purely based on what we think about this issue. Let us know what you think in the reply section below!

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