Learn Chinese fast with us!! – Introduction

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to know how to use a language not many people around you know? Did you ever think how interesting it would be to learn and understand Chinese culture and language? You can start with us! Understand one of the most commonly used languages!


Approximately 1.3 billion people use some sort of Chinese, ranging from Mandarin to Cantonese


Understand chinese with us!!

We’ll provide you with basic knowledge about the language and with 2-3 words or phrases every day. This means that if you stay consistent and follow our quick daily lessons, you will know approximately 1000 words in a year! We’ll also recommend some useful book and exercises you will be able to use to strengthen your skills even more!! Happy learning!

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The system of our learning will work as follows: Everyday, there will be a post on our instagram page story, which will include the 2-3 words or phrases which were already mentioned above together with their translation and meaning. If there needs to be a further explanation, a post on our blog will be released explaining that issue or suggesting a website where you can find the necessary help.


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