Should you really go to university? How to spend your uni-time the right way?

What is your purpose?


First things first. What do you expect from life? And what are you willing to sacrifice? When deciding about anything you should try to predict the outcomes of your final decision. That could help you with making your final decision, support your arguments and boost your confidence. Deciding whether to go on a university, or not, is probably going to be a key life decision. What is also worth mentioning is the fact that it represents a huge financial decision. The prices of fees have literally escalated, especially during the last 20 years.

In the present, more and more young people do not even ask themselves whether they should go to the university and get their degree, start some business or try to get employed somewhere. The biggest problem is that the society is pushing students to get those degrees. The students are being pressured immensely from their families, friends their peers, government or many other social groups that are represented by many entrepreneurs and basically all the sorts of employers. It has become a dogma that you need your degree to become successful. However, does that mean you shouldn’t even go to the university? Absolutely not.

In case you’re also unsure how to decide, don’t not panic, the only thing you need to do is to read the rest of this text.

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The mainstream mindset about education is obsolete now


The scheme that getting your degree will make your life easy is very, very outdated and doesn’t work at all. Having a degree does not guarantee you getting a solid job anymore. I admit that getting a degree in some scientific industries (for instance medicine, law, natural scientist, etc.) is undoubtedly necessary, but in almost any other branch you might be absolutely fine not having any.

Despite the high number of many famous successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs or Richard Branson who didn’t even get a degree, I would still recommend you to go and get one! But not because of the degree itself.


Why to choose studying at uni?


It does not matter whether you want to become an entrepreneur or an employee of a company. If you want to become a better person you need to meet a lot of new people, surround yourself with coaches and mentors and always try to learn a lot. Isn’t that what university is actually for? Yes it is! Interesting is that in reality, almost nobody does these activities. The problem is that vast majority of students are too concerned only about their degrees and do not learn anything. If you want to be different and get the most of your student time, you have to use it wisely! The best thing is that it is only up to you.


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So how should you use your uni-time?


A university is there to help you to prepare yourself for the adulthood. It should help you. That means you need to be proactive and responsible enough to realize it before starting your course. It is only up to you how well you will manage to prepare yourself during those years full of opportunities. The key though is that being a university student does not provide you with any service that will magically make you successful.

Worth mentioning is also the mindset concerning studying. Well, if you are going to study, you are probably not going to actually learn anything. Your objective must be to learn. It is a huge difference in between those two commonly used words. You study a subject, not a life. When you want to get better at something, you need to access a lot of brand new knowledge, new activities and unknown processes connected to your current topic. Can you imagine an athlete studying only the theory regarding running faster? Hardly. All you need to know is the difference between those two words. Believe it or not, knowing about this difference will help you a lot!


What opportunities do you have when studying at a university?


You’ve got an enormous opportunity to grow! Just realize it, you’ve got a minimum of three years full of time you can potentially use for your self-realization. You have a genuine chance to surround yourself with very inspirational people, you can find long-lasting relationships, you can start businesses or you can just develop numbers of skills, abilities and most importantly habits that will lead your growing personality towards a better life.


But you must be proactive!


If you still think that you only need your degree and once you have one you are educated enough, read this. Imagine that you will be going to the gym for 4 years. You’ve got yourself into a good looking shape and everyone tells you how awesome your body looks! So you think there is no point in working hard because you’ve done it! You stop going to the gym and stop focusing on a proper diet. This way, you will end up very early with an obese body. And that’s very similar to thinking that school will prepare you for life. No, it won’t. It can help you, like the gym membership could. But if you don’t go to the gym and don’t work hard on your body and mind, why should you be successful? Imagine your university as the ultimate gym for your future career. After getting a degree you should want to stay in shape, that’s what it’s all about!

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And if you don’t have a degree and don’t even want one, here’s a bonus for you!


According to our information, companies Google and Apple will no longer ask for your degree. This might be a big opportunity for you, if you don’t plan to get one.


The lecture of the day


When trying to decide what is the best way for you, it is absolutely necessary to set your goals first. We think that your main goal for university should be actually learning something, not merely getting your degree which will magically save your life. We recommend you to focus on learning actual skills that will help you to become more employable and potentially support you when building your own business. Instead of just studying subjects, try to learn something practical, helpful and effective. Imagine that your university is the ultimate gym for your life. Build your habits, winning mentality and will to learn new stuff. Work hard on getting better in every area you desire to improve and most importantly, realise your dreams!


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