Your first calisthenics workout!

So you’ve read our article about the golden beginnings of your calisthenics journey and you decided to give it a shot! That means you’ve made the most important step! Great job! Now it’s time to kick off with a proper routine!

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We obviously won’t make you do something like this at the start! For starters, we suggest you choose a full body routine as this will develop your overall strentgth in both your upper and your lower body. It is crucial for you to build strong fundamentals! If you don’t know a proper technique or how to perform the exercise, we strongly suggest looking it up on Youtube or asking someone you know has done calisthenics for a while. If you’re really unsure how to perform the exercise, you can let us know here in the comments section, or text us on our instagram and we will make sure to get the correct form to you in some way. Remember, you are always, always, always going for the perfect form! This means that you won’t be looking for a strict pull-up, nor a regular pull-up, but for a perfect pull-up!

Here is a little routine we suggest you start with. Find a place with a pull up bar and a dip bar (or any structures that can serve in a similar way), grab a friend, a parent, a girl/boyfriend and get going!!

One more thing, don’t forget to warm up before you start and stretch after you finish!!

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