The best 20 ways to invest in yourself

As Warren Buffet once proclaimed, the best investment you can make is in yourself. And who is more competent when it comes to the investment tips than the biggest investor of the modern world?

You are the only person you can change. You’ve got the power (Odkaz . happiness) over your thoughts, behaviour and decision-making process. That means you are responsible for your life and you should be aware of that. However, you can also take advantage of the fact that you know you can change yourself literally at the moment.

Let’s take a look at the following areas where you can easily invest in yourself. You can grow a lot more with trying all these tips, let’s get started!

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Invest your time

How do you use your time? Are you fully aware of its limits? Time is the only commodity you can invest and it will never come back in dividends. No profit, just investment. And it’s up to you how wisely you use it. Every day we are slowly dying, bear that in mind and do what you want when you have enough time for it!

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Leaving your comfort zone, making a change of your surrounding, meeting strangers from different cultures, orienting yourself in completely new situations in the cities you’ve never been to before, managing to book your tickets or practising to be alone on a long journey, these are a couple of benefits travelling can bring to you. Don’t hesitate to travel. Enjoy it and observe the world!

Maintaining a quality personal environment

Your environment is a huge determinant of where you will be one day. It defines who you are. Your aim must be to surround yourself with the right people. You need to surround yourself with people who are not only like-minded but also have something for you to learn from. Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you, who are wiser or who support you no matter what. Looking at the people around you says a lot about you and your potential, be more careful about who you let to influence you. Find your mentors, quit your toxic relationships and strengthen the positive ones.


Read, read and read! It has never been easier to access the greatest books and wisdom of all time. The best thing is that all you want to know is for free. No excuses, just get up google it in pdf or get yourself to the library. Most of the library memberships are for free indeed. You’ve got the greatest opportunity to read about the most inspiring thoughts and ideas, educate yourself and get to know a lot of people who you would never think of meeting. Just exploit that opportunity as much as you can, otherwise, you’ll regret when it’s too late.

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Being fully present is not as easy as it was before the age of social media. We are constantly connected to the world. We are literally harming our brains by the never-ending exposure to the dopamine shots of short-term happiness we generate from the likes, tweets and follows. Give yourself a break, dedicate some spare time to yourself to truly rest, meditate. It’s only up to you, everyone has different preferences. The correct kind of meditation doesn’t exist. Therefore you should make it the way that suits you the best. Don’t overwhelm yourself though. Try to make it short and stay with that. After a while, you’ll become comfortable with it and you can increase the time you spend with your thoughts. 


Your body is the only place you have to live in. Be aware of that every single time you want to eat something. You need the best fuel to be able to manage to win your day. Educate yourself in the area of nutrition. You’ll thank yourself later being healthy despite ageing.



How many hours do you dedicate yourself to sleep? What are you sleeping habits? Think about your sleeping patterns. It’s perhaps more important than you think. Sleeping appears to be one of the determinants of one’s health. If you’re sacrificing your sleep you are more likely to develop some kind of unnecessary disease in your body. You want to stay healthy and productive, so learn how to sleep better right now!

Get rid of debts

Your debts should be paid as soon as possible. Not every single debt is necessarily bad, however, you shouldn’t neglect your obligations. Be aware of your liabilities dragging down your financial life. Don’t get into debts when purchasing stuff you don’t actually need.

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Watch documentaries

You don’t have to watch Netflix all the time when you’re bored or just exhausted after the whole day working. You can use even your time dedicated for relaxation to educate yourself. Try to watch a documentary instead of looking at your favourite sitcom for the tenth time!


Sometimes it’s more about who you know than what you know. The power of having a strong network is immense! I can not even stress the importance of a great network hard enough! It is so crucial. You should be aware of the fact that in life, it is not what you know, but who you know. Meet new people, make new contacts, promote yourself and you’ll feel the difference.

Work on a side hustle

Why not? Use your passion as an accelerator and get yourself ahead of the world in whatever makes you happy. You don’t have to quit your job and risk everything. Build your side hustle simultaneously when going to the work and you’ll see how it goes. If you’re passionate about something, try to make the most of it. Build your brand, promote yourself. Become the master of your time and invest in your ideas and skills in order to gain more independence.

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Inspire yourself

When was the last time you’ve done something for the first time? How often do you meet new people and ask them what you’ve never asked someone before? You must be creative in order to inspire yourself. Don’t hesitate to leave your comfort zone. The world is so wealthy full of awesome people waiting to share their ideas. Go outside and find your inspiration, because you’ll get immense power through this process.


Reduce your social media exposure

Your presence on social media might be the reason for not being productive. Social media can make us very sad because we are naturally comparing our lives to others’. Instagram has already made a lot of people feel depressed just because they started to believe that what they see there is the reality. No, it isn’t the reality. What these media show us actually is rather the highlights from the lives than the routines. We tend to perceive it as a routine. We think that everyone is always having a good time, which is not too helpful to our souls. Reduce your time there. You won’t get anything good from trying to impress everyone by posting only a couple of good things that have happened to you.

Set your goals

Setting your goals is necessary in order to get the right direction. You need to have them written down. Be specific enough. Your goals should be measurable and the steps to reach them as clear as possible. Otherwise, you’ll never grow as much as you could.


Rethink your values

Your values may be good, however, as time goes on your perception of the world might change as well. It’s not anything to be shy about. You change and so should change your values. Your values represent a compass to your problems solving and decision-making processes, so think about them here and there.

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Work out

Exercising builds a great habit, discipline and of course, good looking body. You should be fully aware of this. Your body needs to move, otherwise you’ll feel the pain of your body weakening. As your brain needs to be trained, your body craves for movement as well. Dedicate yourself that time in order to feel better and become healthy by getting that fresh air every day. Endorphins are waiting to be released. Work out for your own happiness!

Save and invest money

Where does your money go? Do you make any investments? Think about your financial situation and try to ask yourself the crucial questions regarding your money. You can generate a lot of money if you’re educated well. Don’t neglect the benefits of financial education. Read books on financial education like Rich Dad Poor Dad and get ahead of others!

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Shop effectively

How do you go shopping? We live in an internet age and the way we are shopping has dramatically changed. How do you respond to the triggers of advertisement and how do you stick to your budget and list of goods you actually want to buy? Learn the art of shopping, you’ll save a lot of energy, money and nerves.


Adapt the student mindset 

The real student is always humble and aware of the fact that he doesn’t know everything. The mindset of a lifelong student is therefore the most effective one when it comes to the learning process. Be humble, ask crazy questions and listen to the people who have something to teach you. Don’t give up on learning, keep growing by leanring.

Analyze your investments

At the end of the day, you should be always able to step back and analyse. What have you done well, what could you do better or what can you do differently in the future. These are the crucial questions you need to frequently ask yourself. You need to have  control over the direction you wish to go in. Your former decisions might help you if you analyse them, even if they were wrong. The key point is to learn from your past through this constant process of analysis.

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