Surprising benefits of travelling

Why should you travel as much as you can?

The vast majority of us would love to travel around the world and see all the famous cities and beautiful landscapes. Travelling is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways in terms of spending money. It turns out that people now travel the most the history of humankind. Owing to the technological progress and the wider availability of tickets, travelling has become more affordable in the last few decades, especially for the middle class.

Based on the fact that we are used to travelling in the 21st century on a very regular basis, we should focus ourselves on the perks of travelling in order to travel effectively and potentially learn more. Our aim should be the discovery of new things. Because isn’t that the very reason why we (as a species) started traveling? Travelling is an activity that costs money. You spend your time and resources in order to get yourself somewhere.

However, travelling well is an art. And every single type of art can be learned if there’s a will. As the old proverb says, when there’s a will, there is a way!

Do you want to plan better, orientate yourself as a master or get smarter in terms of social interaction? Let’s take a look at the benefits of travelling!


Benefits of travelling

What can you learn when travelling? First of all, you’ll need to put some extra effort in, but it pays off a huge profit! There is plenty of stuff that you can actively focus on, when you are on a journey, so let’s take a look at it immediately!


Leaving the comfort zone


Everybody is used to the daily routine of the life. Every single day is from 95-99 % the same consisted of the same habits, places, people, food and culture. When travelling you leave that all somewhere behind. Get out of your social bubble. By travelling somewhere, you basically throw yourself among strangers. You make yourself a no-name person. You begin with a clean sheet and it’s completely up to you how you’ll perform. Nobody is going to label you according to their previous experiences with you. Because they haven’t met you yet.

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You should be willing to make that step towards the unknown just because of that excitement and the high possibility of learning something new. If you change your surroundings for a while, you’re going to live differently, so you will have to adapt yourself to the new situation. By adapting yourself, you change your mind and attitude towards anything. You have to make from yourself more flexible in terms of thinking and creativity.


As you learn more and as you meet new people, new opportunities and possibilities are going to emerge that you haven’t even thought they existed before. Put yourself out there!


Make a change in your life


Travel could also represent a form of escape from your daily life. When it comes to changing your environment, your intentions in terms of selecting a destination are not the most important thing. All that matters is the way you’re going to inspire yourself. When you leave your daily bread, you’re basically exposing yourself to the waves of inspiration. It’s up to you how you will use them! Or if you will even perceive them as opportunities…


Get used to traveling


If you’ve got to transfer somewhere you probably know what I’m writing about. When you travel you’re often time-limited and that makes you feel some solid pressure. By travelling a lot, you’ll get used to it and you are definitely going to feel way better than before. The key is in experiences.


Become confident


Your confidence depends vastly on your previous experiences. You make yourself mentally stronger by solving the problems, facing the challenges and stepping out of your comfort zone! If you’ll get used to travelling, especially to the farther destinations, you can develop true confidence. Every single trip you make and finish successfully makes you stronger and builds self-confidence in you. Face the challenge and push yourself! We all have to go through new experiences in life. The question is how you take these experiences and what you do with them.
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Receive some time to think


When travelling especially to the farther destinations, you’ve been gifted by a huge amount of time for yourself. Use it wisely and learn even if you’re not that sociable. Try instead thinking, reading or meditating. Even the idle moments could be beneficial. It turns out that when you’re bored or you have completely nothing to do, your brain starts to get creative and you can find solutions to some problems you couldn’t figure out before! Just relax and let yourself think for a while. Don’t force it though, it should be as natural as possible. You’ll realize the power of these moments, after you experience a couple of them.

Learn the power of gratitude


The value of being home is the value you sometimes forget to be thankful for. And that’s completely understandable. It’s fine if you are not grateful for what you have. However, just because you’re used to your home conditions doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be grateful for them. By travelling to the farther destinations, you can learn to understand the real gratitude. We sometimes take a lot of things for granted. Especially the most basic ones. Remember, there is still a huge amount of people without electricity, drinkable water or a warm bed. Just remember it. Remind yourself that if you’re able to travel, you are a lucky person. Share the good and be grateful for what you have. You could have much less than you do now…
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Become more objective


Seeing the world on your own, meeting the people from different the cultures and facing brand new challenges gives you a different perspective on how you see the world and perceive your life in general. It makes you way wiser and helps you to focus on what’s really important. Try to sort out what is the most important thing and let the other distractions just fly away. Sooner or later you’ll find out your own priorities and values.


Prejudice is the worst thing that happens when meeting new people. Everyone does it from time to time. Labelling represents one of the main reasons for the isolation of an individual. You have to open yourself and you should not trust your first impression and first feelings about someone.

With that kind of mindset, you’ll get used to breaking the myths and you’ll face the true reality. The fake news won’t be an obstacle for you anymore, you’ll stand out from the masses. You won’t believe everything in the tabloids anymore as the potato couches do.

Critical thinking will become a part of your life. You will become more sceptical and you will think about the world in different terms. You’ll gain the power to understand more the connections and relationships between many situations. You’ll understand the world better in terms of what’s happening and why it’s why it is the way it is.
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Learn the skill of orientation


By travelling from time to time, you are going to learn the skill of orientation. The reason standing behind that is that you are going to use your brain in a very specific manner – orienting yourself. Sooner or later you’ll figure out that every single city has almost the same principles of arrangement of the most important buildings, institutions, stations or info centres. By travelling a lot, you’ll get used to it and become much more efficient in the process of making decisions about your track. The world is being built by human species, so don’t be afraid  that you’ll get lost in it.


Become open-minded


Meeting many people with different opinions and diverse ideas from many cultures can teach you how to be more open-minded to anything new. You can easily learn how to not judge anyone based on the first impression and you’ll become even more tolerant and anti-xenophobic. You’ll develop a completely different mindset when it comes to meeting strangers.


Escape your social bubble


A social bubble is the circle of people you meet on daily basis that share the same culture and often opinions. It’s basically the bubble you live in. In other words, the bubble concerns the circle of people sharing the same culture, ideology or hobbies. Bear in mind that by surrounding yourself with the same people all the time, you learn nothing new at all. What’s even worse, we tend to think in our social groups that our ideas and opinions are the only ones that are actually right. You need that confrontation with strangers or at least the people from a completely different social bubble in order to grow mentally.


Become a better communicator


Do you want to get better in communication? Communicate with strangers. Practice makes perfection again. We recommend you to talk to the travellers around you as much as you can. You can easily meet new interesting people, network a bit or simply have fun. Anyone you meet is better than you are in some way, so you can learn from anyone. Communicate a lot and you’ll get plenty of new friendships and contacts.


Practice languages


As one Czech saying goes: “The more languages you know, the more human you are.” It doesn’t actually matter whether your native language is English or not. Little practice might be useful for both sides of the dialogue. Don’t be shy if your level of a language is not that high. The chances are, people will understand anyways. And what if not? Then, at least you’ve tries.


Travel for free


Don’t tell yourself you are not rich enough to afford travelling. That is a huge lie. And you don’t want to lie to yourself, do you? In the present, there’s a plenty of chances to get yourself anywhere via hitch-hiking and you won’t believe how many good people would love to offer you some help and take you with them in their direction. Even if you should use a bicycle or just walk, you can. There is no excuse.


Lecture of the day


Whether you’re a passionate traveller, or a casual one doesn’t matter. Being rich or poor cannot represent an obstacle for you if you are determined to travel. Your intentions to travel might be unclear. However, your attitude towards it should be clear. We recommend you to travel with a growth mindset of a humble student. You can learn so many things only by observing the world, not even opening your mouth. The opportunities to learn and grow mentally are endless and we have presented you the most common ones.

Remember that it’s only up to you how you’ll take an advantage of your travelling. You’ve got the opportunities and you are in charge of your next decisions. Don’t be nervous about the next step. Instead, try to make a great stride. Be positive and let yourself out of your comfort zone. You don’t want to get old and regret that you haven’t  traveled and learned more. You should want to live…


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