Taking Responsibility For Your Life

Responsibility is a term very often regarded as something negative. You need to take the responsibility for your actions, you are responsible for what you’ve done, who’s going to take responsibility if this goes wrong? All of these have a negative conotation. However, taking responsibility is something every person who wants to reach a significant success in whatever area needs to do. In specific terms, you have to take responsibility for your life first in order to be able to take it to the next level. This is the topic we’ll be looking at in today’s article. Let’s make this happen!

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Is Responsibility Really That Bad?

As I mentioned above, responsibility is something people usually perceive negatively, usually as a result of some mistake. But is it really that bad? Let’s look at what it really means to take responsibility for your life. When you do that, you automatically take responsibility for whatever happens in your life. What does this mean though? How can I take responsibility for something I haven’t done? It’s important to understand the concept behind taking responsibility for your life. Let’s say something really bad happened. Say your unicorn caught a cold (let’s talk about unicorns to make the misfortune a bit less real and a bit more comical). Your unicorn caught a cold and you need to take the responsibility for it. Why? You’re not the one who made the unicorn sick and you haven’t done anything that would lead to you unicorn’s sickness. That is all true, but you still need to understand that you could have invested your years of university into studying about unicorns and the diseases that attack them and about how to prevent these diseases. Now, you might be thinking that I went a bit nuts!

Why Do I Need to Take Responsibility for Everything?

I might have gone slightly crazy when I decided to use the example of a unicorn, but the point stands. You need to take responsibility. Why? The reason is very simple. You need to take responsibility in order to remind yourself that you’re in control. You’re in full control of your life. You can affect anything that happens to you, the way you perceive it and how you react. Let me repeat it, you are in control. What does this mean? This means that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve, you can grow as much as you want to grow, you control anything that happens in your life and you control any outome of that situation. You are in control, absolute control.

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So How Do I Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility and thus taking full control of your life is not something you can start doing just like that. You first need to understand a very important thing. You want to take responsibility not to make yourself feel bad about something (like an average negative human machine would), but to remind yourself that you’re in control. You need to start looking for lessons and solutions in your hardships. You need to begin looking at things differently – then the things you look at will change. You won’t see a failed maths test, you’ll see an opportunity to get feedback and to learn and never make that mistake again. In short, you’ll see an opportunity to grow. You need to learn to understand that responsibility is not something bad or negative. It is a reminder, a reminder of your direction, a reminder of your vision and a reminder of the fact that there are hardships you need to overcome and grow through.

Success and The Size of Your Issues

Another very important thing you’ll learn to understand is that most of your issues are not even worth spending time and focus on. When you order a steak and get a chicken leg, is that really something that should take you calm away? Is it something you need to care about, or can you pick yourself up and get the hell on with it? Successful people never waste time on small issues and dramas. They focus on the greater problems that will take them somewhere. The size of your issues defines the size of your success. The harder it gets, the more you grow. However, the harder it gets doesn’t mean it gets harder for you. It might not feel harder, because you might be used to dealing with harder issues. When you grow, your issues grow. This means that the issues you perceive change. You learn to see the more important problems you have instead of the little drama you used to care about. This all is learnable. But first, you need to take responsibility for your life.

When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.

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  1. So my take here
    One needs to take responsibility of his or her actions and also of the actions je chose to ommit or rather ignored due to his or her ignorance.
    But then you talk about reading about the unicorn and the university and reading about it, then are we responsible for everything around us?

    • If you understand that you have control over anything that happens in your life, you will take responsibility. That’s also the point of the latter analogies.

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