Why You Need to Stop Watching The News

Today, I’ll be talking about another crucial area of our lives that affects us incredibly, yet most people tend to completely ignore it. As you might’ve already guessed from the title, I’ll be looking at a very controversial topic – the influence of the news on our state of mind.  Paying attention to what’s happening in the world is something that is broadly accepted as an important part of one’s life. In the world of modern technology, it is very common for people to wake up and directly pick up their phones to learn about what’s happened in the world when they were asleep. Is paying attention to what is presented to us in the news something that benefits us in the long-run, or is it something that only helps the negative influences of the world around us hold us down?

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The Nature of The Modern News

Most people fail to realise that the companies that present us with the news very often, if not always, publish based on what they think will be read the most, based on what will give them a higher degree of exposure. Here comes the human nature into the game. We love to watch or to read about depressive, heavy stuff that happens in the world (eg. a terrorist attack, a natural catastrophe or a school shooting). The kind of events that attracts the average human mind sometimes scares me. Why do you need to know about a school shooting on the other side of the world? What can you do about it? How will it help you grow as a person? People often fail to ask themselves these questions and blindly follow the herd. If you look through today’s or yesterday’s news, half of it, if not most of it, will be something negative. That is the nature of the modern news. They focus on the bad, violent, angering stuff because that’s what brings them exposure, that’s what people read and that’s what people are most likely to discuss. They want you to get emotional about things, because you’re more likely to come back with a desire to look for more.

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You Are What You Consume

This is the reality, this is how our mind works. It’s like a computer. The more you look something up, the more likely it is to come up in your search suggestions. Your brain works the same way. The more you see the negative stuff, the more often will the negative stuff come up in your mind. The more often you consume positivity, the more positively will your brain think. It is all based on how you programme your brain. The way you programme your brain is based on many factors, such as your environment or the words you speak to yourself. In order to produce positivity, in order to live a positive life and to be a positive person, you first need to consume positivity, loads of it.

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How Can I Switch from Negativity to Positivity?!

This is a very complicated and long process. It won’t happen in a few days, maybe not even in a few weeks. You can’t simply forget all the negative stuff, that’s simply not how it works. As Bill Britt said, you can’t forget all the negative stuff without first remembering it (re-phrased). In order to re-programme your mind from negativity to positivity, you need to outnumber the negative pieces of your mind with the positive pieces. If you imagine a glass (your mind)  full of dirty water (negativity), you can’t simply empty it, because then your mind would be empty and it is very likely that you’ll fill it with dirty water again. What you need to do is start adding loads of clean water (positivity). What happens then? As you add more and more clear water, the concentration of the dirty water will progressively decrease and finally, you’ll end up with a glass full of nice and crystal clear water (a mind full of positivity). This metaphor is very practical – try it out yourself physically and you’ll see that it works!

Should You Actually Stop Watching the News?!

You might be still thinking – I’ve never felt the affect of paying attention to the news. The thing is – it doesn’t affect your conscious mind, it works with your subconscious mind! You might not be aware of the influence it has on you, but if you don’t outnumber the negative stuff with positivity, you will be getting grumpier and grumpier and more and more depressed. This is how our subconscious mind works. What’s the bottom line? If you really need to watch or read the news (because of your job or whatever), make sure you consume some positivity after you finish watching – this way, you’ll at least dilute the negative stuff you’ve just read about. This way, you’ll at least minimise the damage in your battle against negativity. The fact that you stop watching the news doesn’t mean that you won’t hear about the bad stuff ever again – social media and the internet make it very hard to escape all the negativity. You will still need to consume positivity, but as I said before, you’ll tackle one of the aspects that influences you in a negative way.

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