Throw Your Ego Out of The Window: Leadership 101

When we hear the word leadership, names like Abraham Lincoln, Angela Merkel or Steve Jobs come into our minds. We often see the leaders of the modern world as the “gifted” or as the “extraordinary.” Why is that? Because we assume that leadership is a quality we are born with. What if I told you that leadership is a skill and thus can be learned? Do you think Steve Jobs was a great leader in his elementary? Do you think he was a great leader when he started Apple? He might’ve been a great character, but he had to learn a lot in order to become the amazing leader he was in his last couple of years. In this article, we’ll look at 3 developable qualities every leader needs to possess.

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Every Leader “Started from The Bottom”

Before we get to the actual qualities, we need to acknowledge something incredibly important, yet overlooked by most. If you look at any leader out there, you’ll see a strong person, a character, but there is something you might overlook. The person’s scars. Every leader has a story to tell, every leader went through some kind of a hardship, some kind of a challenge he had to overcome. That is what has created them, that is what has made them into the person they are now. It is really important for you to understand that becoming a stronger person, a leader, is not an easy path to take. If you fail to understand this, you will most likely give up half-way.

#1 Ego Will Cost You Money

The first very important quality you need to understand and develop is to let go of your ego. In order to lead others, you first need to accept your mistakes, learn from your lessons and open your mind to suggestions and improvements. A true leader is not someone who orders people around. A true leader is someone who listens, leads discussions, and considers the views of others. Why? Because the true leader understands that we all have a limited range of perspectives and that others can help us broaden that range. Another important reason why you need to let go of your ego is that the best leaders don’t position themselves above others. What does that mean? Very simply, you respect everyone and you treat everyone equally. Every leader understands that every single person deserves his respect. This will in return provide the leader with the respect and love of others. Why? Because they will feel important around the leader, which is something  everyone seeks. Regardless of whether this is conscious or subconscious, the result is the same. In addition, the best leaders are the most loving people. They not only make you feel important, but also loved. Love and respect attractsthe same.


#2 Be The Example

Now is the time we take a look at the difference between a leader and a manager. A manager is someone who focuses on the short-term gain. He gets things done through orders. He uses people to get the job done. Management is focused on finishing objectives on time. In comparison, a leader is someone who aims to inspire and motivate others. A leader is someone who stands in the front line and does the hard job first. A leader is someone who makes the step first, so that others can follow. Leadership is focused on the long-term. A great part of leadership is vision and growth. A manager uses people to grow his business, a leader uses the business to grow his people. As a leader, you understand that you can never make someone do something and expect an amazing result without first doing that same thing yourself.

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#3 Be The Biggest Dreamer in The Room

If you look at the greatest leaders and you compare them with the average people, what is the greatest difference you’ll see? The greater the person, the greater the leader, the greater the size of her dream. The dream is something that gives the leader her direction. The dream is something that keeps the leader on her path as she overcomes setbacks and it is something that inspires others to follow her. When people spend more time around a leader with a strong dream, they become dreamers as well. This is the ultimate skill of a true leader, she is able to turn people from blind sheep into dreamers with a strong vision. A leader always has a cause to fight for, which attracts others. It is always better to stand for something than to fall for anything.

These 3 qualities will not only turn you into a great leader, they will also help you grow immensely as a person. You can not be a great leader and a crappy person. The bottom line is, believe in personal growth, find your purpose and be nice. It gets as simple as that.

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