The Decision That Changes Everything

Anything we do, be it getting a university degree, learning how to drive or starting a business requires some kind of effort, some kind of action we have to take. We all know this, but most of us will never achieve any kind of greater success. Of course, success is relative to the capacity of your thought. Some might argue that reaching a million dollar balance in your bank account is a success, some claim that a billion is a success. That depends purely on the scale, which you can apply to your dream. However, reaching any greater success requires overcoming a challenge. It requires you stepping out of your comfort zone to make a move. And it requires you executing this action over and over again. In other words, it requires consistency and persistence. These requirements are also the reason why many of you will never succeed. It might sound harsh, but the numbers do not lie. In this article, I want to focus on one of the factors that separate the successful from the average in any area of success you can think of. The decision.

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Just Play It Safe

The decision everyone needs to make, but also the decision everyone fears. Anytime we really want to do something, build that business of our dreams, we face this inner argument. It is the safe but not so profitable way or the risky but very promising way. Which one do you take? The major mistake most people make is that they go half-pregnant. How can you do that?! There is no such thing. Exactly, yet most people practically do that. We really want to build our dream, yet we procrastinate. We really want to build our dream, yet we are afraid to stand behind it. In my eyes, it is an easy choice. It is better to stand up for something than to fall for anything. But it seems to me that most people have a different perspective on this issue. They get excited, they struggle, they complain and they quit. Why? Because they do everything halfway. They build their business, yet they procrastinate. They go to the gym, yet they go out drinking. They simply fail to make the most important decision. The decision to go all in.Výsledek obrázku pro all or nothing

All or Nothing

This is the decision that makes you stand out. This is the decision that is necessary for your success. Do you want to play it safe? Success is not for you. Playing it safe might have worked 50 years ago, but it definitely will not work now. Get over it. The moment you decide to go all in is the moment you will start seeing results. The moment you decide that this is the most important thing in your life is the moment you will start focusing like never before. The moment you decide that this is your priority is the moment you will start ignoring procrastination and other useless stuff in your life that has been holding you back for so long. Look at any successful entrepreneur out there. Truth or false – Bill Gates started Microsoft part-time as he was also a pizza delivery guy… False! He sat down in his garage and he worked and worked and worked and coded and coded and coded until he came up with something that has led him to the success we can now observe in the form of Microsoft. What has he done? He made the decision to prioritize and to make it happen. This was the only way. He made sure that there was no other back door. This was it and this is why he has succeeded.

Make the decision and watch your dream opening up in front of your eyes.

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