Your Greatest Friend & Your Greatest Enemy

In the last couple of months, as I have been growing my business team, I have been speaking to a large number of people, my potential business partners. Whenever I speak to people, there is one specific area I want to tap into, in order to see whether they are someone I would like to spend more time with or whether they are someone who I should keep my distance from. That specific characteristic is the way they approach issues and more generally their life. In other words, their attitude. In my eyes, attitude is something that affects pretty much anything in our lives. If your attitude is rotten, it will be reflected in your life. If your attitude is pure and positive, it will be reflected in your life. Who you are, what you do and how you do it is all a reflection of your attitude, which is also the topic I’ll be looking at in this article.

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It Is Up To You

There is a saying: “God chooses what we go through. We choose how we go through it.” This means that whatever happens to you, your attitude decides whether it breaks you or whether it makes you. You are the only person who decides whether what happens to you turns out to be positive, maybe a lesson, or negative, simply something that gives you nothing and that you only complain about. It is not about what we go through, it is about how we got through it. Your life experiences are about your attitude. Whatever mistake you make can turn out to be a positive lesson. However, this can happen only if you have the right attitude in place. “In every adversity, there is a seed of an equal or a greater opportunity” (Bill Britt). Every hardship you go through is hiding a potential gain. The difference maker is whether you’re able to see it or not, which is directly affected by your attitude. You can’t see something you’re not looking for.


Your attitude is the difference maker in your life – be it positive or negative. I’ll talk about a few core points that are directly affected by the way you approach your life, your attitude.

#1 Adversity

One of the major areas of your life your attitude affects directly is how you approach adversity. If you employ a positive attitude, your ability to deal with hardships and turn them into growth opportunities significantly increases. If you’re stuck with a negative attitude, you will only make things worse. You will speak negative, you will complain, you will refuse to look for the way out and you will refuse to learn from your mistakes because you will refuse the fact that you are the one who made the mistakes in the first place. Employ positive attitude and control the roadblocks you encounter!

#2 Your Environment & Relationships

I believe that a positive attitude is the basic building block for a healthy relationship. In fact, it is very simple, the people with positive attitudes stick to the people with a positive attitude and the people who are negative stick to the people who are negative. Why? Because both of the groups seek the environment that reflects them, they attract it. If you love to complain, you will most likely seek the company of the people who will complain with you. If you seek to grow through your struggles, the people who always complain will make you feel sick. With a negative attitude, you blame others for your mistakes, you blame everyone except yourself. How can you have a healthy relationship like that?

#3 Success

Your attitude ultimately determines the degree of any kind of success you will achieve in your life. It does not matter what area we talk about. You have already lost the big game if you developed a crappy attitude. Success is about growing through and overcoming problems. Can you do that when you refuse to accept the mistakes you’ve made? Can you do that if you refuse to focus on the positive aspect of your life? (Clue – NO)

Can I Change?

Absolutely. It is a marathon, but attitude can be changed or corrected if you may. I suggest using an old but effective method. You first identify the areas in which you want to improve (complaining, gossip, refusing to accept your mistakes etc.). You carry a notebook with you and whenever you do something you’ve decided to change, you write it down. This way, you’ll systematically annoy the heck out of yourself, which will then lead to a change on behaviour. That is only the first step, the next steps are finding more positive associations and consuming more positivity. This will in return start growing the positive in your mind, which is a crucial part of developing your positive attitude.

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