The Winner Mindset

We often hear about the few of us who have succeeded greatly in their lives. Faces of the people like Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Gary Vaynerchuk fill our social media feeds on a daily bases. What is so special about these legendary humans? How have they managed to succeed in such a great manner? They have something the average human doesn’t have. They have the winner mindset. Many will argue that they have been born with such great potential. But the last time I’ve checked, newborns don’t understand how investments and technology work. It is learned. The winner mindset can be developed, the winner skills can be learned and practised. So how come most don’t succeed? That is because we’re brought up to be average. We’re brought up to follow the herd and again, the last time I checked 99% of the people around you fit into that traditional average frame very well. The difference is that these successful individuals decided to step up and developed something you can call a winner mindset. In this article, I will talk about some of the major components of this mindset and how these components affect our success.

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Mindset Vs Skillset

Before I get to the qualities of a winner mindset that I think have to be developed in order to reach any greater success, I want to draw an important distinction between a mindset and a skillset. In short, a mindset is a set of attitudes you have towards life situations. I have recently written an article about how attitude affects our lives, so make sure to give it a read to understand attitudes more in-depth. You can check it out here. On the contrary, a skillset is more specific to what you do and to how you do it. It essentially gives you the ability to cope with problems. If you took a further look into the difference between these two concepts and the way they can be developed, mindset would be connected to mentorship, while skillset to coaching.

Winner Mindset

In the next part of this article, I will talk about some of the winner qualities I have personally learned about and then experienced first-hand. These are also some of the qualities I am focusing on personally, as I believe they can take you very far.

#1 The winner can see what others can’t before others can

This is a very fundamental quality of every winner and more specifically of every leader out there. The unique ability to cast a strong vision and then stick to it in the long-term. Whenever I talk about success and success principles, I always begin with the why, with the long-term direction, with the purpose that leads your decisions and ultimately directs your action on every step of the way. This is also the major difference between a winner and an average guy. The winner has a purpose that allows him to persist and consistently push for his goals, while the average person bases his or her decisions on the momentary satisfaction. Here, the next quality comes into the game.

#2 The winner understands and pursues the concept of delayed gratification

Every winner out there consciously or subconsciously pursues the concept of delayed gratification. The winner understands that he is in for the long game. Everything the winner does now is for the sake of the long term. The winner fights the battle now in order to live the life he wants to live later. In life, we all have a battle to fight. It is up to each and every one of us whether we take on the challenge now, or whether we keep postponing it until we are not able to win it. The winner understands this and fights now.

#3 The winner understands that he does not know everything and thus aims to grow through every experience

Every winner has this quality people usually refer to as the growth mindset. I have written an article on this topic quite a while ago. You can check it out here.

#4 The winner refuses to equate self-worth with rejection

This is a major problem with many people in our society. When they get rejected, they start questioning their ability and themselves in general. Am I good enough? Am I the problem? The winner understands that rejection is a part of the journey. The winner understands that he needs to fail his or her way to success. In the winner’s mind, rejection is not connected to his ability or his value, it is an opportunity to grow.

#5 The winner keeps his integrity no matter what

Methods change and develop, but values and principles always stay consistent. This rule is the core quality of every winner. Every person who reaches any greater level of success understands that integrity is who he or she is and that integrity can take the person a long way. This is also one of the greatest reasons why most winners obtain a huge following along the way. They have values and principles that they promote through everything they do and people love that.

These are only a few of the qualities every winner has. There is so much more to talk about, but these few concepts are a good starting point. Incorporate and customize these qualities in your life and observe the change.

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