3 Major Tips To Better Your Relationships

Relationships are the most important part of our human lives. When you turn 80, you won’t think about how much more time you should’ve spent online, how much more you should’ve travelled or how much more you should’ve worked, it won’t be any of these things. What you will think about is to what extent you have lived the life you wanted to live and how much more you should’ve spent with the people you love, which is a considerable amount in most cases if you think about how much time people spend working a 9-5 job. Thus I decided to give you 3 major tips that will improve your relationships, which I found in my readings and that I personally applied. Read through them carefully, customize them to your current situation and apply them accordingly.

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#1 Always Look For People’s Strengths

In any kind of interpersonal connection, if it’s the first time or if you’ve known the person for years, always focus on their strengths. So many people, including myself, have made the mistake of looking for downsides in others. Not only it ruins your perception of the other person, but it will make your relationship rot. Your conversations will turn into arguments and the only emotion you will receive from the time spent with the other person will be negative. However, if you make an active decision to look for the positives in others, your relationship will blossom. You will understand how amazing the people around you are. You will see their good side and you will be happier yourself. If you’re having trouble in setting your mindset off in a certain direction, utilize the power of your subconscious. To find out how to do that, give this an article a read.

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#2 People Should Leave You Happier Than They Were When They Came

This is a no-brainer, yet most of us don’t appreciate this quality enough. You want to be the kind of person whom people meet and get happier during the time they spend with that person. When people come to you, being happy at 4 (from 1-10, 10 being the happiest), they should be leaving you at least at a 6 or a 7. How can you do this? Tell them how much you love them, how much you appreciate them and how proud you are to know them. Little things matter. Did your friend get his first A in Chemistry? Appreciate it and congratulate him, tell him how proud you are of that friend. It might seem awkward if you’re not used to it, but it will revolutionise your relationships. Next time when you talk to your mom, tell her how much you love her, how much you appreciate what she does for you, even though you feel like she could do more. Speak it and it will happen.

#3 Pay Attention

One of the most annoying things you can do to others is ignoring them. When you meet your friends, when you talk to your parents or other close people or when you speak with your colleagues in your line of work, pay attention to them. Ignore that phone call. When you’re having lunch with someone and you pull out your phone, it means that that message or that phone call is more important to you than the person you’re talking to. Pay attention to the details and mention them, ask about them next time you see the person. You can not imagine how much people appreciate it when you’re paying attention to what they say and when you actually remember small details that you then ask about. They love it! Pay attention.

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