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Many of you reading this are students and if not, I strongly stand behind the saying that we all should be life-long learners. We should always be striving to learn more, to educate ourselves not only in terms of academic education but also in terms of life education, which includes concepts ranging from the subconscious mind to financial literacy. Thus I believe that people like Robert Kiyosaki or books like The Secret or The Power of Subconscious Mind should have a place in the lives of all of you. In this article, I want to reveal one of the most effective methods to learn quickly and easily with minimum effort but maximum result. I have been using this technique for a very long time and I can say that it works perfectly. I strongly recommend that you give it a try!

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Learning/forgetting Curve

The human brain is an exceptional memory tool, more complex but also more effective than the most modern computers of the present. It is the most effective computer on Earth. However, even the smartest computer has no use if we don’t know how to use it. Our brains work in a specific way, which we can take great advantage of. I’ll share a curve that represents the way our brain retains information. On the Y axis, you have the amount and the quality of information retained and on the X axis, you have time. You can see that we always forget the info we put in, but the more often and the more regularly we repeat learning the same information, the longer it takes for us to forget it (which is represented by the lower and lower steepness of the curve as it proceeds with time). If you keep repeating this process, you’ll eventually retain the information for years, if not a lifetime. Imagine moving to a new city. When you see the streets once, you will not remember where to go next time. But after passing through these streets for the hundredth time, you will have no problem with the directions there.


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Utilise What You’ve Just Learned About

Knowing all this, we can derive many useful learning techniques. In this article, I want to talk about 2 of the techniques I personally use. The first one is the utilisation of smart apps that account for the learning and forgetting curves and the second one is the utilisation of our sleep and the functioning of our subconscious mind during that time.


This app is excellent for the retention of any information ranging from graphical, economic or business information to language information such as words or idioms. I personally use this app to practice and learn Chinese vocab. I find it very useful because it works on the bases of flashcards. It involves many combinations and many options that allow you to personally customise its functions according to your needs. As I mentioned above, it accounts for the ways our brain retains information. Thus you don’t have to worry about working out your own intervals, as these are already included in the app. Of course, if you want to customise those, you can.

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Utilise Your Sleep!

The way our conscious and subconscious minds work is indeed tremendously interesting. This technique is something that has helped me learn Chinese and go through IB with a very good result. In essence, you utilise the fact that your subconscious mind works during your sleep. The way this works is that before you go to sleep, you take 10-15 minutes to go over what you want to learn. Then you go to sleep and when you wake up you do the same thing. Your brain consumes and retains the information during your sleep. When you wake up and review the information, you’ll realise that you actually know it as if you’ve just read it. This is something that people from many areas of life utilise. For instances, there are many great examples of people learning how to play an instrument, struggling to play a song in the evening and playing it almost perfectly after waking up. The way our subconscious mind works is truly amazing. Utilise it!

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  1. I never thought about doing the 10-15min learning before sleeping then again in the morning. I’m going to try this with info I want to retain but also musical instrument practice! Thanks:)

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