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In the modern era, many of us live our lives in a hurry. We’re often in a state of anxiety that we’ll not make the deadline, that we’ll be late or that we’ll miss out. There is actually a term that is used to describe this state of mind – the syndrome of fear of missing out. The reason why many of us live this kind of life is that we don’t know how to handle our own mind. Many people have no idea about the subconscious mind, prioritization and re-focusing. There are loads of people simply flowing through life with no specific purpose, living from paycheck to paycheck, from deadline to deadline. This is because they have no idea how to control their own mind. They don’t know how to calm their mind and re-focus it. That is also what I want to talk about in today’s article. I’ll describe how I personally re-focus and how it has changed the way I live my life.

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The Art Of Refocusing

In the present times with all the different kinds of media around us, we hardly manage to focus on our true goals. Our focus is often disturbed by the terribly violent news from the war on the other side of the world or by that “scandal” of our favourite movie star on social media. This is a great issue because people fail to live the life they’d want to live and then regret not spending more time developing themselves or developing their relationships. There are 2 major exercises that can help anyone in this sense tremendously.

Warren Buffet’s Prioritization

Warren Buffet once shared an incredibly useful tip on how you can prioritize in a very simple way. All you have to do is to sit down, write down the 20 most important aims, goals, targets, objectives or dreams that you want to achieve in your life. Then you rank these from the most important ones to the least important ones. Once you’ve ranked them, you will pick out the top 3 and disregard the rest. This will help your focus tremendously because you will know what is important for you and what you should prioritize. Of course, that is only useful if you stick to these priorities and your focus doesn’t get interrupted by useless stuff (anything that doesn’t lead you to the success in your top 3 priorities).

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So what do I do when I have lost control over my focus again? This can happen, don’t be discouraged by that. What I personally do and what I would suggest you do as well is finding out something that calms you down, something that cuts all your attention to other attention seekers (not only people but also tasks) and that allows you to focus on yourself. In my case, I love to take a walk in nature. I put earphones in, listen to an audio talk and walk around. I learned to appreciate nature and calm my mind. This allows me to refocus on my real goals. When I get back from my walk, I am ready to kick ass again. In your case, you could find this peace elsewhere. Some people find their peace in running, some like to draw, some like to listen to music. You have to find what works for you. Additionally, understand that “just walking” in nature is not a waste of time, if you utilise it to your advantage.

The Influence Of Refocusing

This method helps me in handling multiple things at once. I run a business, an online brand and I am a university student. I can do all these because I know what to focus on, what to prioritize and what to disregard. Everything becomes very simple when you understand your priorities and how to take control of your focus. I like to think that I am very productive during my days, yet my days are not hectic at all. I stay calm throughout my day because I have figured out how to mind my own business. I have figured out how to mind my mind. Use these 2 techniques I spoke about to gain control of your focus and of your life. It is very simple, you only have to make that step forward. Best of luck!

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