3 Kinds Of Education You Should Know About

We have all gone through some sort of process of education in our lives. Most of us went through elementary schools, many of us through middle and high schools and some of us through university systems. A group of us could actually say that they have been through some steps of this process multiple times. When we finish this massive 20+ year process, we are supposed to be “educated” and we are supposed to start “living the life.” What does that actually mean? How would you define “educated?” In this article, I will focus on the 3 major kinds of education we should all be aware of and I’ll make an argument around which kind we should focus on and why.

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3 Faces Of Education

Throughout our lives, most of us get to experience 3 major educational streams. The first one being the academic education that is meant to “prepare” us for life. The second stream follows after academic education. This stream focuses on framing us into the employee our bosses would prefer. In short, this education is meant to make you “successful” in the workplace. The 3rd stream, which we are advocates of in The Real Life Education, is the real-life education itself. This stream focuses on growing you as a person. You are the centre of this stream and you will benefit from utilising it.

Academic Education

Academic education is considered as the “traditional” stream of education. You go through your elementary school, middle school, high school, university and finally you get a job. This stream is sold to us as the education that “prepares us for life.” The only issue is that the level of standardisation has reached unbelievably stupid levels and “the life” stands for “the average life of an employee.” Millions of kids go through this stream every decade. They are all taught in a very similar way, they are taught very similar stuff and they are assessed on the same scale as well. How can this be effective? Furthermore, academic education that is supposedly there to “prepare you for life” actually does very poorly in that. Academic education teaches you to do what you’re told. It teaches you to be a generalist and to follow the crowd. When you enter real life, you will learn how useless this is in terms of any greater success. Just to give you a perspective, according to Shana Lebowitz from Entrepreneur.com, the average GPA of 700 studied US billionaires was only 2.9 (out of 4). Which is considered a very low standard – people usually get around 3-3.5. The academically smarter kids go over that limit all the way to 4. I personally was a valedictorian in my high school back in Beijing with a GPA of 4. What use is that going to be in the future? Not much.

Professional Education

Professional education is directly connected to the academic stream. When you go to uni, you are meant to look for internships and work experiences because that is the starting point. When you graduate and (hopefully) find a job, you will be constantly told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, etc… You will see yourself following orders from 9 to 5. You will be framed into an obedient employee. Most people live this life and some enjoy it. Would you? I wouldn’t.

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Life Education

Life education is something that has changed my life. When I got in touch with my current mentors, I have started discovering a brand new world of knowledge. I started learning about myself. I started understanding how my mind works, how my body works and more importantly, how other people work. As my mentor once said, technical skills will take you only so far, but people skills will make the world your playground. This is also the mission of The Real Life Education. We are here to spread the word of life education, we are here to ensure that you have an efficient source of this stream and that you can benefit to the maximum extent and maybe one day become one of those millionaires I’ve mentioned above. (Hint: You will not make it with only the first two streams. How many employee millionaires who have the time to live how they want do you know?). Focus on this stream and you will see a huge change in your life. You will find yourself becoming happier and happier and you will find yourslef gradually outperforming everyone around you.

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