3 Steps to Success in Continuous Learning

As you can probably tell by now, we’re all about self-development and empowerment of others here at The Real Life Education. Self-development and personal growth has been viewed by many as a school of thought that has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years. It has been getting more and more attention as people have started understanding its true power. What I want to give you in this article are simple 3 steps you should focus on as you start engaging in this journey of growth and continuous learning. Write them down somewhere in your notebook and think about how you can apply these 3 steps in the area of your interest.


Step 1: Arise in The Morning and Read 30-60 Minutes in The Area of Your Interest

This step is incredibly important. Why? Because it will help you in more than just one single way. Firstly, it will help you start your day productively. You will feel amazing after your reading session in the morning. You will also feel super ahead as most people are sleeping and you’re already putting in the work to grow yourself. Additionally, if you read 30-60 minutes each day, this will add up to about one book per week. The average American reads less than one book per year. If you read one book per week, this will add up to about 50 books each year. As it happens, to earn a Ph.D. from a major university requires the reading and synthesis into a dissertation of about 40 to 50 books (Million Dollar Habits). If you develop this habit and stick to it for long enough, there is no way you won’t be able to outperform anyone around you. All you need to do is look at the greater picture. This is something called The Compound Effect (also a very good book by the way). In 5 years, you will have read about 250 books – exactly 245 more than an average American. In 10 years, it will be 500 books – 490 books more than an average American. What a boost!!

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Step 2: Develop The Habit of Attending Every Possible Seminar You Can

The second step you should take is to start your research. Start looking up events close to the place where you stay. Seminars are amazing as they allow you to put yourself in a room full of people who are heading in the same direction. They are an amazing place to learn from the best as well as to network, create connections and grow with others. They are also very practical because you usually get to speak to the speaker after the seminar. This makes them more engaging both in terms of creating relationships and gaining knowledge and expertise in your area of interest. There are many, many more benefits that can be specific to the seminars you attend. Get proactive!

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Step 3: Listen to Audios Whenever You Can

The last, but not the least important step is listening to podcasts as often as possible. Podcasts allow you to learn on the move. In the commute, when cooking, walking your dog, exercising, etc. It is one of the most effective ways of learning. Podcasts connect you with an expert in the area of your interest and allow you to listen to that person’s experiences, tips, and tricks. These audios also help you get back on the positive note of your day. Listening to successful people on a daily basis will not only build your mindset but also expand your vision as you understand that what they did is possible. Look them up and start listening!!

One very important tip to remember is carrying a little notebook or using your phone to make notes. Always, always, always make notes. Review them and pick the steps you can utilize to grow.

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