5 Rules for A Life of 100+

We are all very busy people. Busy with our studies, with our jobs, busy browsing on social media, busy watching Netflix or busy building our dreams. Whatever it is, modern society puts you in a position where you have absolutely no time left for yourself. It is your job to understand this and to create that time. The time for solitude, the time for meditation, the time for peace and also the time to pay attention to your health. More than 50 million Americans are considered obese and many millions of them suffer from something called mortal obesity. What does that mean? That means that their life is threatened by the condition they’re in as it can lead to many diseases often connected with heart problems. Is this a problem? Absolutely. How do you expect someone to make their vision become a reality when they’re struggling with their own health? How do you expect someone to live the life they want to live when they can’t even handle their own health? In this article, I will give you 5 rules you can utilize in your daily diet to keep yourself going for the big 100 and above.

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The picture above represents obesity rates in Australia in June 2018

#1 Rewire Your Thinking about Food

Many people are stuck with the ideology that food should bring you pleasure and happiness. They think about the taste and the pleasure it brings them. As human beings, we are programmed to shift from pain to pleasure, thus food can often serve as a motivator. This is a fundamentally flawed method of thinking because food should serve as a fuel for our body. Start thinking about your body as a car. Depending on the quality of the fuel you use, it will either work for a long time or it will break down in a couple of years. Feed your body healthy, light foods and start looking for pleasure in your long-term vision!

#2 Eat The Right Foods

This might sound too complex to execute, but it really isn’t. It isn’t that hard to look up where to go to eat out, is it? In the same way, it isn’t hard to look up how you should structure your diet based on the results you want to see. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain weight? Do you want to strengthen your body? Do you want more energy? All the materials for you to learn what you need to do are out there. All you need to do is be smart about it and look for reliable sources.

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#3 See The 3 Poisons? Run!

The three white poisons are salt, sugar and flour. The modern mainstream diet contains foods that are literally soaked in sugar and salt. Try looking at the packagings of the foods you buy. Try to find a ham that isn’t oversalted. Try to find a yogurt that is not oversweetened. It is a challenge in some superstores. Another issue is white flour that is included in foods like breads, rolls, pastries of all kinds, bagels and donuts. All of these are filled with carbs that will make you fat. Do make further research about how specifically do these 3 poisons hurt your health and remember, look for the long-run impacts!

#4 Excercise as much as You Can!

Exercise is not only beneficial for athletes. Your body is begging you to start exercising! It won’t only allow you to go easier on your diet, but it will help your body develop more energy, become more efficient with it and strengthen your stamina. There is also research saying that a morning run leads to the release of endorphins that make you feel better than if you eat something you really like. Looking for a pleasure? Better start running!

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#5 Drink Lots Of Water

Lastly, you need to be hydrated properly throughout the day. As I mentioned above, many of us are too busy to look out for these little things. Well, if you looked out for them, you wouldn’t have to be so busy because your productivity will burst through the ceiling! You need approximately two full quarts of water throughout the day to maintain the proper level of hydration in your body. Instead of sipping some water here and there, develop a habit of drinking at least 1 glass of water every hour. 


Use these 5 rules to bump up your health and performance. In the long run, you will see a huge, huge difference. You will not understand how can the people around you be so tired all the time. And you will hit that 100 years mark. It is not a matter of coincidence, it is a matter of design and consistency.

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