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One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in the last couple of years of constant interaction with different people, from different cultures, coming from different places of the world is that we live in a world where constant gratification is something engraved into our brains. Everyone wants to succeed and everyone wants to succeed now. Many people don’t want to go through the process of dying but want to be up in heaven right now. Constant gratification is something that has been ruining many people’s mindset and very likely yours as well. It is something I am personally battling every day as well. Developing the mindset of delayed gratification is incredibly hard in the modern world. A question that comes up quite often is – For how long do I have to delay? The answer to that question is – as long as you need to. It depends on your specific case. However, I can give you a way of significantly shortening that amount of time. Let’s take a look at how we can do that.

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How Do We Progress?

We are naturally programmed for adaptation. Thanks to our brain, it is very simple for us to adapt to external conditions. What is the process of learning? It is a process of adaptation. I personally went through (and am still going through) 3 different types of curriculums – public, private and university. I studied in a public school in Central Europe, a private school in China and a university in the UK. How did I manage to go through that? I adapted. This is something I have understood when I graduated from high school in Beijing. It is also something I have been practicing in sports throughout my entire life and that has allowed me to do so well in school. I adapted. I messed up, reflected, adjusted and tried again. This process repeated many times in a row simply led to my adaptation to the requirements for me to succeed in any area of my life. This is how we learn, this is how we grow. So how do you boost your progress? How do you steepen your learning curve?

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The Ultimate Booster of Your Progress

Bearing in mind the learning and adaptation process I have described, how can you utilize its understanding to your advantage? How do you progress faster? You simply have to go through that cycle more often. In very simple terms, you try more often, you fail more often, you adjust more often and you try again more often. It is as simple as that. Fail more and you will learn more. The first step for most of us is to get rid of the fear of failing. This is something that has been programmed into our minds by our education system. We are taught that F, F, F, A is still a fail. Why? In my eyes, you have figured it out at the end, thus you know how to do it. How come you’re still failing? This is something that school doesn’t teach you, but life hopefully will. The second step is to find a good way of reflecting on your failures so you can adjust in a proper way. That will cut the learning curve even steeper. Now, let’s buckle up and fail forwards!


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