3 Tips To Fire Up Your Mornings

In the recent half a year or so, I have been developing this little morning cycle that helps me boost my overall daily performance and focus. It is something that took me some time to figure out but after finding what works the best for me, I am now able to wake up and kick my day off pretty much habitually (without using up much of my conscious energy). I’ve learned to understand and utilize the power of a morning routine and my aim for this article is to give you 3 tips (or steps if you may) you can build your morning routine around.

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#1 – Meditation, Gratefulness & Visualization

In my personal morning routine, I have developed a habit of waking up and going directly into positive thoughts about the upcoming day. When I open my eyes I instantly lead my mind to positivity. I aim to think something along the lines of – “I can achieve whatever I set my mind to, I am making it happen, I’ve got this, I will win over this day.” This supports my feeling of motivation and determination for the day. Directly after that, I go into meditation. This I do in two different ways, either I sit down calmly and meditate, or I have also started practicing some active meditation such as Tai-chi. The purpose of this is to approach your subconscious mind that you can utilize in the next part of this, which can be visualization. Daily visualization of your goals and dreams in the present tense is something incredibly beneficial for the long run (law of attraction and other reasons).

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#2 – Reading

The second tip I would say is very useful to utilize in your morning routine is setting up 30-60 minutes purely for reading a book in the area of your interest. This does not only stimulate your brain, but it can be the number 1 way you can use to outperform pretty much anyone. An average American reads 1 book a year, that is 10 books in 10 years. Developing the habit of reading 30-60 minutes every morning will lead to you finishing 3-5 books a month. This will turn into about 40-50 books a year, which turns into 400-500 books in 10 years. Do you think you can outperform someone who read 10 books as opposed to your 500?


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#3 – Exercise

Your mornings are the most important time of your day. Why? Because you have the mental energy to finish very heavy tasks, which you might not be able to execute as well later in the day. I always finish my morning routine by setting out to my workout. Simply put, I get the hardest thing done first. Another huge benefit of morning workouts is that your body will feel energized for the rest of the day (not even mentioning the wave of endorphins after you finish your workout). Furthermore, your body will thank you for keeping it healthy on a daily basis 🙂

You might also find it useful waking up a bit earlier so you have more time to put into these activities. You really don’t need to sleep 8-9 hours. 7 is more than enough! Go to sleep on time and give yourself a strong power-up in the morning!

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