4 Ways To Handle Rejection

Many times in our lives, we do things that are popular and that receive lots of support. However, the greatest successes often require us to do actions that might not be as popular (early mornings, no late nights, less “chilling out,” less attention in certain areas of our lives, etc.). This means that as we reach out for success in our lives, we all have to deal with a certain amount of rejection. You can’t really hope to succeed with absolutely no sense of rejection on the way. People will come up with different reasons why you will fail, why you should give up and why you’re just wasting your time. Often, these people include our closest ones, our relatives and close friends. How can you deal with these situations? Dexter Yager, an expert on people skills, gives us some tips regarding this issue in his book Dynamic People Skills.

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#1 Spiritual Clarity

Dexter, as a strong Christian, talks about how important his relationship with Jesus Christ was in helping him overcome rejection. What he is really pointing out is not that you need to be strongly religious to be able to deal with rejection. What you need is a consistent set of values and principles that will allow you to understand what you perceive as right and what you perceive as wrong. Defining your values and principles will help you in simplifying your decisions and understanding that many of the points people try to discourage you with do not meet with your own personal views on how things ought to be.

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#2 Battle Training

Rejections are, like anything else, an adaptable problem. This means that you can adapt to receiving rejections in a firm manner. The more you practice, the more you get rejected, the more you will understand how you can overcome rejection. There are 3 major strategies Dexter recommends we utilize to get this battle training – learn from the winners, read positive books, experience rejection personally.

#3 A Love of Excellence

Winners respect excellence. They also disrespect mediocrity and laziness. You need to develop immunity to those whose lifestyle and values you do not respect. Why should you listen to someone who is not where you want to be? This also means that you can learn lessons from rejectors, but never at the time of the rejection. You need to stay firm when you’re rejected for the sake of your emotional stability. When you feel like the rejection is not affecting you emotionally anymore, you can get back to it to reflect on it.

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#3 True Grit

According to Dexter, reacting to rejection properly contributes to your leadership skills big time. The grit means the courage to stick to with your purpose against all odds. True grit gives you 3 things – emotional control, mental discipline, the power of chosen optimism. Taking control and standing firm is the ultimate sign of a true leader!

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