How to Deal with Distractions 101

As a response to the great demand for an article on dealing with distractions, I have finally found some time to put in some tips that will help you make your focus clearer and push most, if not all of your distractions away. I have personally been struggling with distractions to some degree before, but I have learned and developed some mechanisms that work very well in dealing with this issue. In this short article, I will give you 3 major ways that can help you only if you apply them. Reading about something will not impact your life. The impact part comes after your application.


#1 Schedule Your Rest Times

This might be a little bit surprising, but it has helped me incredibly. Instead of only noting when you will work, you also want to note down your rest times. If there are no rest times in your calendar now, you need to find the time to put them in. This will help your subconscious lower the desire to grab your phone when you should be reading a book. Since you have already decided that you will rest at a certain time, you know that the rest will come. There is no need for you to grab your phone. Furthermore, your day won’t be highlighted by working all the time. It will have little bits of rest that will make it slightly more relaxed. And yes, you should not completely erase the things that distract you from your life. You should learn to control them because that is actually sustainable.

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#2 Put Your Phone Away

This is a very “straight forward, everybody probably knows it” kind of suggestions. However, our phones are somehow still the number one major distraction in our lives. How come? Because people think that they need to respond fast. They don’t understand that your work time is your work time, period. Nobody should be able to contact you during that time. No, you don’t need to see the notification. And no, flipping your phone upside down does not change anything. Put it on silent and leave in your bag that is on the other side of the room. The only thing you should use that phone for is to set a timer that will tell you that it’s the time to rest.

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#3 Listen to Classical Music

Listening to music does many things for your brain when working. Most importantly, it shuts down your sense of hearing. Or at least it limits it, so you can’t hear outside noises. Do you know the feeling when you are super focused working on an essay argument and somebody’s phone goes off in the library? Or someone starts arguing in the next room? Noise is one of the biggest distractors. If you choose to apply this tip, listen to something without words and something that is not a “hype” kind of music like EDM, Dubstep or Techno. Listen to something that will help you focus. Also, if you use your phone to listen to music, make sure you have wireless earphones so that you can still keep the phone in your bag.


If you work on your computer, set it up so you don’t get any notifications and make it super hard for you to access your distracting apps. For instance, don’t keep your Facebook open in one of the tabs when you’re working. Use some common sense. If you want to keep away from something, make it super annoying to access that device or that app. This works really well for the phone issue as well. Do you find it really annoying to go downstairs when you need something to eat or some water? Leave your phone in the living room downstairs, you will think twice before going to get it. Some might say: “But I use it as my timer.” Get a stopwatch, if you can access this article you can afford one as well.

We’d appreciate it, if you could let us know how you’ve applied these tips and if they’ve helped you! Shoot us a DM or tag us in your video stories on IG!

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