3 Major Ways to Deal With Disappointment

We all have amazing days, we all have not so good days. There are ups and downs in our lives that we somehow need to work our way through. We have to encounter some level disappointment, no matter what. You have set your goals for the month, but you haven’t hit all of them. You have spoken to one of your friends about your problems, but the friend really hasn’t listened to you. You have made a mistake in a major exam, what now? We all have been through many situations of this kind in our lives, yet some of us can handle the mental rollercoasters better than others. How come? The major reason is that the people who know how to handle disappointment have been through a lot, they have probably already figured out a few ways how they can bounce back to their normal state. In this article, that is exactly what I’ll focus on. I will give you 3 major ways that you can take and apply in your daily life to deal with the sour moments of disappointment.

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Many of us isolate ourselves when we encounter disappointment.

Disappointment is an emotion often connected with a failure of yours or someone who is somehow related to you. It is thus necessary to understand that as an emotion, it is directly connected to your thoughts. Your emotions act as consequences of your thoughts, which means that you first need to accept that something has disappointed you mentally in order to feel bad about it. The next few tips will help you set up something called a “bounce-back time.” This is a period of time after a disappointing event when you allow yourself to feel bad. Once this time has passed, you need to use some of the mechanisms I will describe below to bounce back and get your mind straight. In other words, we can’t prevent disappointment, but we can tackle it once we encounter it.

#1 Today Is The First Day of The Rest of Your Life

When we feel disappointed we often fall into the pit of resentment and hopelessness. Practice shifting your thought-process from “I messed up, I’m done” to “I messed up, how can I prevent this next time?” It is absolutely fine to feel disappointed or to feel bad. It is crucial to accept that you feel that way so that you can specify the issue to look further into it. You are not who you were yesterday, you won’t be who you are today when tomorrow comes. Sad things happen in life, that is inevitable. The variable here is your attitude towards these events.

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#2 Turn It into A Challenge

The first tip directly ties to the second one. Use them in a sequence. Once you understand that your disappointment has nothing to do with who you are, but rather the action you took at that specific moment, you can free yourself of the heavy feeling and shift your focus on the reality. How can you make sure that you won’t disappoint in the same situation next time? Let your disappointment drive you. Make it a learning point and look for ways to overcome the struggle when it comes up next time because it will. Define the variables, outline the context and think of possible ways out. If “traditional” thought-processes don’t work, seek unique ones. Make your way through the struggle.

#3 Evaluate Your Expectations

Have you disappointed because you have made a mistake, or have you disappointed because you had unrealistic goals? Setting up goals is very important, but understanding that not hitting all of them at once is also fine. Don’t let this hold you back, but don’t doubt yourself because you have not hit your goals on time. In all honesty, you won’t hit all of your goals on time. You will have to reflect on them and redefine them. You will have to keep on keeping on. Create SMART goals (look up what it means if you haven’t heard about SMART) and stay consistent with your efforts.

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