How To Deal with Procrastination

We all know about it, we all curse it, we all understand that it wastes our time, yet we all actively engage with it. Procrastination is something that not only hurts our productivity, but often leads to some of the darkest self-talk and self-impressions you can think of. Ideas like, “I am so useless, I always procrastinate” pop up in our heads and damage our self-belief incredibly fast. Procrastination isn’t only affecting our productivity, as most people assume. It directly affects our mental health! We have received many requests to write on procrastination and to give you some tips on overcoming it. Let’s dig into it then!

Our aim is to give you 3 key tips you can utilize on daily basis to tackle procrastination. When you’re reading through these tips, think about practical examples in your life where you can utilise them. Reading without application is close to useless. When you find yourself leaving the text without really seeing how you can apply thes tipts, procrastination has you under control!

#1 Fight procrastination by understanding your direction and constantly reminding yourself of it

This is the bottom line when it comes to procrastination. We have been speaking about this for months now. Start with the why. Ask yourself, why should even try to be productive? What’s there to gain? What can we lose? Find 3 strong emotional reasons for each category. They have to be emotional so that they move you when you think of them. If they don’t move you, you won’t take the step towards these goals. Additionally, you need to develop a daily self-talk. If you don’t get your goals and reasons to overcome procrastination into your subconscious mind, you will automatically look for the reasons to procrastinate.

#2 Get rid of all your distractions that lead to procrastination

Probably the most significant short-term reason for people’s procrastination are the distractions they are surrounded with. We live in a world where our attention is traded like gold. It is dragged from left to right, from website to website, from app to app, from video to video. How can we actually do something productive in this environment? When you want to work, you need to focus on the work. No phone, no YouTube, no Facebook, no TV, no friends, no games nothing. We have written a perfect article on this topic of focus. You can read up more about how you can get rid of the distractions in your life here.

#3 Stop punishing yourself for procrastinating

Finally and maybe most importantly, stop punishing yourself for procrastination. We all do it. We all need some time to do unproductive things. However, if we punish ourselves every time we don’t finish our daily schedule or when we catch ourselves wasting a day away, we will never really beat procrastination. When you punish yourself, you beat your self-image. Beating your self-image is like opening the door to procrastination. You will lose your belief and you will fall into what you hate even more. Accept that we are not perfect, but we can strive to be. Procrastination is a part of it all, fight it, beat it and learn to use it to your advantage.

Bonus: List of 10 major distractions

Which ones are you struggling with? Aim to regualte them.

  • Social Media (unproductive use)
  • Television
  • Netflix, series, movies etc.
  • Games
  • Relationships (when you’re meant to work, don’t text her/him)
  • The Past
  • Obligations
  • Damaged self-image
  • External, irregular sound
  • Fatigue

Have we missed any? List your list in the coments below!

Here is an amazing video on procrastination by Jordan Peterson!

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