The Cost of Success

Everyone in this world wants to achieve something significant, but only a very few of them can make it happen. So many studies of wealthy and successful people and their comparison with the ordinary showed that the prior group live their dream life because they have paid the cost of success, they have overcome failure.

To make things a bit clearer, the cost of success is NOT necessarily money. Money is a by-product of success and has nothing to with achievement of success.

There are three major costs you have to pay to experience the pleasures of life, both worldly and spiritual In this article, we look into these costs and we pain a clearer picture of the reality for you..

#1 Make failure your friend

You cannot achieve any sort success without encountering some failure. The higher the dreams, the higher the failure rate has to be. Even though failure is perceived as something negative, it has never really been the case. It is an unsung hero behind your success. All the big names you can think of today, failed miserably in a lot of areas in the past.

Most of us don’t know what we can do to learn from all the failures in our life. So we decided to give you some practical steps you can utilise to solve that problem:

  1. Acknowledged that you have failed: You have to accept that you have encountered a rock bottom in life. Learn to recognise the reality, don’t lie to yourself.
  2. Be happy about it: Understand that the experience, although negative, only makes you wiser and will help you learn and grow.
  3. Analyse what went wrong: It is essential to squeeze all the learnings from that failure. Have a detailed analysis of what went wrong and what you could have done differently. 
  4. What’s next?: Do not cry on your failure for too long. After you have analysed it, look at how you can apply the lessons. Whatever the setback, the final question should be: What’s next?

Failure is an essential part of our growth curve. Unfortunately, most people fail to analyse it and thus have no way of growing through it.

#2 Get ready to travel a lonely road

Generally, people are very dependent on the validation coming from other people. The idea might concur with movies where the hero often has someone on his side when he/she is hustling. However, this is not how reality usually works.

As it turns out, success is a lonely journey. There might be people who love and support you, but there won’t be many of them

The real peace comes when you are your greatest cheerleader. When you fail, you pat yourself on the back to get back up, and when you succeed, you compliment yourself. This is where the concept of positive self-talk comes into the game.

#3 Get ready to sacrifice

When people visualise success, they often think that they will have all the luxury in life. They will have money, love, fame etc. They think that there will be no shortages in life. However, this is not the case. You have to know what you are willing to give up on the way.

An entrepreneur has to sacrifice a sense of job security because he is never going to get that in his life. An athlete might have to forsake tasty food, maybe for a good part of his life. 

The idea is that success in one area will not guarantee the attainment of everything. We have to sacrifice something to get something. Determine what you are willing to give up before you even start on the road of your dreams.

Building an obsession to get what you want will help you sacrifice things that are irrelevant to your dreams. These will also include certain people who you love, but who are holding you back. Hence, it is essential to know that the most significant love in one’s life should be his/her self-love. The one who loves himself can generate passion for the world since he/she does not require any external validation. 

It is evident that these costs are not easy to pay. Furthermore, success is not a one-time transaction; it a consistent deposit for an extended amount of time. Thus, the costs mentioned above are not something you have to pay once in a while. The payments have to be consistent for a good part of your life. Only then will you receive the product of success through happiness and joy in your life. 

Shantanu Sharma & The Real Life Education Team


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