Getting A Step Closer To Your Dream

It has become a trend in the self-development community to talk about the dream, the never-give-up attitude and the importance of failures. However, there is always something missing. Many of these articles and information sources forget to talk about some part of the journey or another. In this text, we get inspired by John Maxwell’s ideas on achieving your dream and utilising these ideas, we provide you with a guide on what steps you need to undertake to take that complicated step towards the achievement you seek.

In his excellent talk Put Your Dreams To Test, John Maxwell talks about the idea that we need to develop a dream that compels us emotionally. We need a dream that we can get passionate about. Maxwell says that there are no high-energy/low-energy people. He says that there are only those who have passion and those who don’t. Why is that so important? Because people with passion do things those who don’t have passion would never even consider doing.

How Do I Get Started?

So to answer the first question most of you might be asking: How do I get started? You engage with different opportunities and you get clear about what you value. Then you develop your dream around that area and you get passionate about achieving it!

Now you have defined what makes you passionate and what you want to shoot for, but what is next? According to Maxwell, you have to SECURE your dream.

State your position. You want to be very certain about where you stand and about what you stand for. State it out loud and state it every day. Make it your dominant thought and you will not only compel yourself to move in that direction, but you will also see all the resources around you moving in support of you.

Examine your actions. Look at your behaviour. If you stay consistent in what you are doing now, will you reach your goals? If not, you have to make some adjustments. Remember, huge goals and dreams are achieved habitually, every single day. It is a series of small wins that takes you to the big W.

Consider your options. What are the options you can utilize to achieve your dream? How can you move forwards? What are the pathways you can undertake? Be very clear about this, so that you understand which way will benefit you the most.

Utilise all your resources. Look at the resources available to you. How can you utilise them? Be very efficient with your resources. Make them work for you. Remember, resources are always there, you just need to recognise them.

Remove all the things that are holding you back. Get rid of all the negative people, the so called “crabs” who will always want to pull you back into the bucket of the ordinar. Get rid of all your emotional limitations, develop the emotional stability you need to move on. Set yourself free.

Embrace all your challenges. Life is not about erasing your challenges. It is all about embracing them and utilising the lessons in your benefit. Change your attitude, learn to love challenges.

And remember, you don’t become great by taking it easy! Your daily activities will determine your success. Take small actions every day so that you move forwards even by a little bit every day.

Frank from The Real Life Education Team

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