Shy to Confident – A Conscious Journey?

I have ment way too many people who were convinced that they were shy introverts, who can never go around proactively interacting with the people around them. Is it true that we are naturally predetermined to be shy and introverted? Is it true that your character determines whether or not you will be able to go around and achieve what you really want to achieve as a confident master of craft?

The short answer is… NO. Our character is not set in stone. It is a very flexible and dynamic part of our being. What often limits people is their belief. When you believe that you are shy and that your confidence levels are really low, you will never take the necessary steps to achieve. The question then is, how? How do you develop personal beliefs that allow you to go out there and make things happen?

The Solution

According to Anthony Robbins, our beliefs are structured by our collection of specific reference points. What does that mean? In short, your belief is structured by specific experiences you go through that make you think in that way. Imagine that you go traveling around the UK and it rains every single day, you will have observed many specific reference points, which prove to your mind that it always rains in the UK. Although you rationally understand that it is not true, whenever you will be coming back to the UK you will be ready to for the dark and wet weather. You have built that belief through the collection of your observable reference points.

What if I told you that you can do this consciously with your confidence levels as well? What if you could structure the belief you have regarding who you are and how much potential you have?

You can definitely do that! All you need to work on is collecting the right reference points. You need to put yourself into the situations that prove to you that you are confident. The more often you start doing that, the stronger your belief will be. Your goal is to develop an opininon into a belief and then further into a conviction. You need to convince yourself that you are confident and that you can achieve.

Take Action

Look for the right reference points and structure your beliefs consciously! Why do you think people become very confident and blunt when they do something for the first time and they experience this moment of realisation that it is actually not a big deal? They have just discovered a huge reference point that leads them to that belief.

We all have the power to structure our beliefs, all we need to do is to go out there and hunt down these reference points!

Frank from The Real Life Education Team

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