The Reality of Success

“When I succeed, everything will change. If I had more money, my life would be much happier. When I get to that level, I will have no problems in my life.”

In recent weeks, I have both read and heard these sentences way too often. As if almost every sunset and every raindrop of the summer rains brought more and more wishful talkers into my life. And so I have decided to address this crucial problem today in this article.

Let me be very straight forward with you. The only person who doesn’t have problems is 8 feet under. And the person who thinks that there are no problems in their life is down-right stupid. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not being negative about anything. I am just observing reality as it is.

Since everybody has problems, does it mean that we can never be happy? Absolutely not. Happiness and the absence problems have nothing in common. Happiness is about how you approach the situations you have to face. When you face a struggle, like when a baby trips over when it’s learning to walk, do you stay on the ground crying, or do you get back up excited to make some more steps? Life is not about completely eliminating all the problems you can imagine. It is about tackling them one at a time. It is about the attitude you employ when your face hits a door that is closed.

Problems Everywhere?

Very recently, I have started practising handstands. Why? Because I think that it is an incredible full-body exercise that broadens your understanding of the dynamics of your body. What do you think happened the first 100 times I’ve tried to even get into a handstand? I smacked my body on the floor. I guess the tip I’d give to anybody who is learning a handstand is to learn how to fall first. But back to the point, you literally have to fall tens or hundreds of times to really get it. And when you really get it, when you can hold it for minutes, you are still full of problems! You want to progress, you want to learn all these different shapes that you can create in the handstand position. Those are all problems and struggles!

So does “success” mean that you will never have to face problems ever again? Nope! It means that you will progress and your problems will progress as well. You will have to face problems, but they might differ in nature.

Give Up or Keep Going?

So should you just give up since you will always have problems in your life? Hell no! What you need to do is understand that problems will always be there. Then it is very important to take a stand and make the effort to develop an attitude of resistance. Resist the darkness in your life! Develop your light, create the attitude of gratefulness and tackle all the problems one after another. Keep progressing, keep achieving, keep kicking your own ass. And never think that a problem-less life would be a blessing. Only a crazy person would think so. The grass is not greener on the other side of the street, it is greener on the side of the street you water.

Frank from The Real Life Education Team

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