The Secret

In recent months, the world has found itself in a crisis. Many lives lost, people losing jobs and getting more and more negative, diving more and more into depression and anxiety. There are many reasons why many people’s lives have gone south. However, there is one concept majority of the people are not aware of but engage with negatively on daily bases. This concept is also one of the major reasons, if not the major reason, why most people’s lives keep getting worse and worse, in crisis or under normal circumstances. That is The Secret Rhonda Byrne talks about in her book.

The Formula

According to Rhonda Byrne, The Secret has been known to the majority of successful people ever since the times of the ancient Babylone, if not even longer. It has had a major impact on people’s lives ever since humanity has been around. It can help you grow faster than ever before, or it can break you faster than you can imagine. In short, understanding The Secret is key to your happiness. So let’s dive into it.

The Secret works around the law of attraction. Simply put, whatever you think of the most is what you will get. This is the part where things go wrong for most people – the more things go bad in their life, the more they think negative thoughts and the more they attract more negative events. Let’s say that you have encountered an accident in your life. This has made you think that you don’t have control over what happens in your life and that you can’t prevent bad things from happening and similarly, you can’t make good things happen more often.

Well, The Secret tells you that that is exactly how it is, not because of the reality, but because you think in the way you think. The more helpless you think you are, the more helpless you become. Good news is that you can track and control your thoughts. How do you track your thoughts though? You have 60,000 thoughts every day on average. There is no way to track them one by one, right? The answer is feelings. The moment you feel bad is the moment you thought a negative thought. The moment your feelings spike into positive numbers is the moment you have thought a positive thought. Your feelings help you track your thoughts. How do you feel most of the time?

Take Control of The Secret

In addition, you can control the frequency of your thoughts. How? You learn to re-focus. You just felt a negative feeling, which means you had thought a negative thought. What Rhonda Byrne recommends is that you come up with 5-7 positive thoughts you can recreate at any point of time. A thought of someone you love, something you are excited about or a joyful memory will do. Whenever you realise that you are feeling bad, run through the sequence of positive thoughts. You will spike your feelings back to the positives.

Now that you know how to control your thoughts, you can focus on thinking about the things that you want to happen. This way, you will attract more of such things into your life. Remember, The Secret does not recognise negative from positive sentences. This means that thinking “I don’t want to fall ill” is pretty much equal to “I want to fall ill.” Bear that in mind and focus on what you want that you don’t have, not on what you don’t want that you do have.

Here you go! This is The Secret! Review it, apply it and watch your mind attracting more and more good into your life.

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