Everything You Do Matters

The title of this article might make you a little anxious, but the aim of this article is to remind you that you are in control. You are not reacting, you are responding to the things that happen around you every day. Many people assume that what they do now will have no real impact on their life. It is my aim to inform you through this article why this mindset is ultimately wrong and will lead you to years of regret and wasted time.

Take the information from this article and really think about whether what you are doing every day will impact your future, or rather, think about how it will impact your future (because we know that it will, so you might as well skip the initial question since you have the answer and move on to the “how it will impact my life” question).

You Reap What You Sow

Whatever you input will lead to an output. The kind of input (the quality and the intensity among other factors) you put in will affect the kind of output you get out. If you sow a seed of an apple tree, you can’t expect to grow an olive tree. If you put in a negative input, you can’t expect a positive output. However, if you put in something good, you can be sure something even better will come out of the equation.

There is also a second line to this law. You sow and you reap in different seasons. You can’t sow a seed of an apple tree one day and come the next day to dig out the seed to see if it has grown. Similarly, you need to be patient and super consistent with your positive input to see a positive output that is multiplied in size compared to the input.

What does this mean? You have the freedom of choice, but you are not free of the consequences of that choice. You will have to face them. No matter what.

The Way You Do Anything, Is The Way You Do Everything

Say you set yourself a goal of reading 10 pages a day. You accomplish the goal on the first day, the second day, the third day. But on the fourth day, you feel especially tired and lazy. You get to page 6 and you think to yourself. How about I read 14 pages tomorrow? And you go to watch your favourite drama. You have just given your discipline and self-image a negative hit and you can be sure that it will impact you in the future.

When you eat your lunch, do you wash the dishes or do you leave them in the sink? Are you disciplined enough to make your bed in the morning? The way you do anything is the way you do everything. If you are disciplined in everyday activities, you will be disciplined in your progress in all areas of life. If you skip basic activities or lack discipline, you will also lack self-discipline in the future when making bigger decisions.

Take Control

Now that you are aware of the impact your behaviour has on your future, don’t get all nervous and anxious about it. Take control and use it to your benefit. Your awareness is a huge advantage and you need to make the best of it! Develop discipline in the simple daily tasks and you will be disciplined in greater life-influencing tasks as well.


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