Break Them Bad Habits

Quite a while ago, we have published an article on habits and habit creation called Habits 101. In this article, we talk about how habits work and why they are super beneficial for our lives. What we don’t talk about in depth is how to get rid of the very bad habits that have been ingrained into your mind when you were young and that you’ve carried with you throughout your whole life. This is something that is a huge part of the whole process. You can never instantly forget your bad habits. You can’t simply delete them. What you need to do is to start minimizing the bad stuff and maximize the good stuff. It’s a matter of substitution and correction rather than eradication. In this article, I will talk about how you can begin restructuring your habits by minimizing the bad stuff.



The 4 Steps

If you’ve read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, you might see that the 4 steps I’ll be talking about are in essence the inversions of the 4 steps you have to take to create a habit. The 4 steps I’ll use are not necessarily interchangeable, but some of them might not occur in your solution. I’ll list them in the usual order below. Do bear in mind that these steps require some sense of creativity from your side. Although I will mention some examples, you will have to take these general steps and apply them on your own case.

Step #1 Make It Invisible

For the sake of explanation, I will use a very common habit of all of us. Our reaction to our phone notification. First, you see/hear it make a sound. This connection focuses your attention on the phone – your attention leaves whatever you were focused on before the phone rang. It logically follows that if you want to get rid of this bad habit (constantly checking your phone when working) you have to somehow make sure that your phone is away from you so that you can’t see it, but you also want to make sure that you can’t hear it ring. This is applicable, like most of the steps, pretty much everywhere. You need to somehow make that trigger disappear.

Step #2 Make It Unattractive

The second step in our phone notification scenario is making it unattractive to check the phone. This could mean placing it somewhere high or far from you so getting up and reaching for the phone would be almost annoying. In more general terms, you need to make the bad habit you’re breaking super unattractive. Another example could be – lots of people have bad eating habits. Stick that fat person picture on your fridge. Stick that picture of a fat extraction operation on your fridge. It will make you feel at least a bit disgusted.

Step #3 Make It Difficult

In our phone notification scenario, you could lock the phone somewhere so that you’d have to first look for the key and then unlock the case with the phone. It is a bit extreme (you could figure out some super annoyingly hard method of unlocking your phone), but it makes it difficult to reach for the phone – it also makes it unattractive. In more broader terms, you simply have to make it super hard for you to take the action (in terms of the bad habit). Put that candy high up and lock it down. Put a really long password on your computer so it is difficult to go through every single time.

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Step #4 Make It Unsatisfying

The reason we take action on bad habits is the feeling of satisfaction. This is the final battle. If you successfully apply the 3 previous steps, you will most likely not have to do this. But if you fail to take action on the first 3 steps, you need to figure out how to make the habit unsatisfying. The best example I can come up with at the moment is putting pepper on the sweets you really want to eat before you start craving them. Get rid of that satisfaction in advance so that when you encounter the problem, you will have put a solution on the table.

These steps, if applied properly (which means no cheating) will help you break your bad habit. Please do bear in mind that habits take around 30 days to form, thus breaking them might take even longer. It is a long term pull, not a one day push. If you mess up once, you start all over again.

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The #1 Most Valuable Commodity in The History of The World

I have wanted to write an article on this topic for quite a long time. This is because of the enormous number of conversations I’ve had with many many students here at university where I am now. I always enjoy talking to people about their dreams, their ambitions and how they plan to get there. After all, that is also one of the major reasons I am building this brand together with one of my close friends. I know that I have the power to positively affect millions of lives and I am not giving up on that, ever. However, that is not what I want to talk about in this article. In this text, I want to talk about the major mistake both young and old people in our society make. They think that money is central to our lives. Or it seems to me as if they did. More precisely, they spend most of their lives working for it, so it makes complete sense to assume that they do. Otherwise, they would not spend so much time doing that, that is if they could use common sense. Through these 1000ish words, I want to present you with the reality. Is money the most valuable commodity we have? Absolutely not. What is it then? And why do people spend most of their lives working for money with no aim of getting more of the most valuable commodity that we can have?

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Money Is Not Even Close

Many people think that money can solve all the problems of the modern world. That is true, to an extent… My mentor once told me – “money can solve 95% of all our issues. The rest depends on how much time you’ve got”. If that is so, how come money is not the most valuable commodity? That is because of the 5% of the problems it can’t solve. These problems are the most important ones. You can have all the money in the world, but if you lack in the most valuable commodity there is, which is also the commodity that can solve the remaining 5% of the problems, you can never really be free. Money can get you your dream house, but is it really worth it if you only use it to sleep over, because you need to work from AM to PM in order to have the money you want? You can have all the money in the world, but if you can’t enjoy it with the ones you love, is it really worth it? I want to spend most of my day with the people I love, not just a tiny part after I come home grumpy and tired after work. You can always make more money, you can always save it and you can always get it back. These are the reasons why it isn’t #1.

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And The Winner Is…

Time, time, time. Time is the number one most valuable commodity me and you can have. There is nothing more valuable in this world more time. How come? Time can never be saved, it can never be stopped, it can never be returned and it can never be gained. You only have 24 hours every day and some 100 years. That’s it. By the time you turn 60, you won’t be able to do most of the things you want to do now. Why? Time. Most people complain about their lives, their jobs and basically about whatever they can think of. Why? Time. If you had the time to do whatever you want to do, what would it be? Would it be the same stuff you do now? Or would you change something? Would you spend more time with the people you love? Would you spend more time doing the things you love to do? There are thousands of millionaires around the world who are terribly depressed. Why? Time. They work from the moment they get up until the moment they fall asleep. They have all the money, but they have no time to enjoy it. Is that what you call life?


The Winners

The winners in life, the truly successful people aren’t the richest out there. They are the people who have the money that allows them to do what they want and the time that allows them to do what they want. The second best are the ones who have the time because they have still not fallen for the money-making trap. They still have the hope to not enter the rat race. Don’t make that mistake if you haven’t made it yet. If you have, learn and get the heck out!

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The Words of Influence

We live in a world where influence and “exposure” became terms of necessity. Numbers and numbers of people and companies are trying to reach out to you consciously and unconsciously every minute of the day. This is because they understand how much they can affect what you like, what you think and what you believe. In short, they can influence you as a person to the extent that what they want you to think becomes a mainstream thought – most people will start thinking in this way. This has been especially the case in the recent decade when digital media developed to the scale where the people behind these adds have the power to reach out to you without you actively looking for their help. In the past, businesses aimed to answer an already existing need or want. Now, they are turning to need and want creation. This can be done through heavy marketing. Heavy to the extent which limits your ability of ignorance. They are able to basically make you feel like you need something, even though you don’t. Apart from this perspective, you should also think about this in a personal sense. Who do you listen to? Who do you allow to have a greater influence over what you do? This is what I will be looking into throughout this article.

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External Influences

You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. That is the number one factor you need to worry about. What do your friends talk about? Where are they heading? Are they stuck in the past, or are they forward-looking? Are they process-oriented or are they outcome-oriented? Are they always complaining, or are they bringing positivity into your life? Apart from the people closest to you, you also need to make sure that you are not consuming anything that would be pulling you away from where you want to be – that is mentally or physically. Are you dealing with depression? Stop reading depressing quotes on IG. Are you dealing with a break-up? Stop listening to all those break-up songs. Doing this will allow you to limit the negative influences of the outside world so that you can control your own thinking and your own direction. To fully understand how to do this, check out our article here.

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The #1 Person You Listen To

You need to identify this person in your life. Who do you go to for advice? I strongly believe that if we want to achieve something, we need to find a person who is already there and who is willing to help us get there as well. Why? Because that person has gone through most of the hard stuff you won’t necessarily have to go through, if you follow that person’s tips. How do you find that person? That is very specific to your situation. Make sure it’s not some random online mentor who will take your money but doesn’t devote any time to you. Make sure you work with someone who actually cares about your success, someone with whom you can create a personal bond that will stick for a lifetime. When I have done that, it has changed my life. There are numbers and numbers of people out there who say “I have a mentor.” But if you ask them how often they meet that person, they will probably say something like “once a month” or “never.”

The People You Don’t Listen To

The other side of the coin is the people you need to identify in order to not listen to them. I think that this is also very specific to what kind of situation you find yourself in. Is it a mental problem? You might consider talking about that with your parents or with someone who has been through that and can offer advice, but you won’t go to your second best friend who is the most negative person you know for advice. Are you looking to build the business? Maybe it’s not the best idea to talk to your doctor parents that have spent their entire life in a hospital with no connection to the business world whatsoever. In short, make sure you listen to the people who have the fruit on the tree. Would you go to the coniferous forest looking for apples? I doubt it!

When making a decision, it is always good to have an external perspective. However, you need to be able to differentiate positive criticism (that involves negative feedback as well) from negative criticism (which is just a bunch of insults or negative words). Make sure that the person who makes the decision is you, not your friends nor your parents!

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The Decision That Changes Everything

Anything we do, be it getting a university degree, learning how to drive or starting a business requires some kind of effort, some kind of action we have to take. We all know this, but most of us will never achieve any kind of greater success. Of course, success is relative to the capacity of your thought. Some might argue that reaching a million dollar balance in your bank account is a success, some claim that a billion is a success. That depends purely on the scale, which you can apply to your dream. However, reaching any greater success requires overcoming a challenge. It requires you stepping out of your comfort zone to make a move. And it requires you executing this action over and over again. In other words, it requires consistency and persistence. These requirements are also the reason why many of you will never succeed. It might sound harsh, but the numbers do not lie. In this article, I want to focus on one of the factors that separate the successful from the average in any area of success you can think of. The decision.

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Just Play It Safe

The decision everyone needs to make, but also the decision everyone fears. Anytime we really want to do something, build that business of our dreams, we face this inner argument. It is the safe but not so profitable way or the risky but very promising way. Which one do you take? The major mistake most people make is that they go half-pregnant. How can you do that?! There is no such thing. Exactly, yet most people practically do that. We really want to build our dream, yet we procrastinate. We really want to build our dream, yet we are afraid to stand behind it. In my eyes, it is an easy choice. It is better to stand up for something than to fall for anything. But it seems to me that most people have a different perspective on this issue. They get excited, they struggle, they complain and they quit. Why? Because they do everything halfway. They build their business, yet they procrastinate. They go to the gym, yet they go out drinking. They simply fail to make the most important decision. The decision to go all in.Výsledek obrázku pro all or nothing

All or Nothing

This is the decision that makes you stand out. This is the decision that is necessary for your success. Do you want to play it safe? Success is not for you. Playing it safe might have worked 50 years ago, but it definitely will not work now. Get over it. The moment you decide to go all in is the moment you will start seeing results. The moment you decide that this is the most important thing in your life is the moment you will start focusing like never before. The moment you decide that this is your priority is the moment you will start ignoring procrastination and other useless stuff in your life that has been holding you back for so long. Look at any successful entrepreneur out there. Truth or false – Bill Gates started Microsoft part-time as he was also a pizza delivery guy… False! He sat down in his garage and he worked and worked and worked and coded and coded and coded until he came up with something that has led him to the success we can now observe in the form of Microsoft. What has he done? He made the decision to prioritize and to make it happen. This was the only way. He made sure that there was no other back door. This was it and this is why he has succeeded.

Make the decision and watch your dream opening up in front of your eyes.

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Dreams, dreams, dreams…

Dreaming is a very specific concept in itself. It’s the ultimate way for us to experience our subconsciousness almost consciously. What does that mean? When you sleep, you are sometimes able to perceive your subconscious. In rare cases, you can actually remember consciously what happened in the dream. However, this is not the kind of dreams I want to focus in this article. What I want to focus on are the dreams that you have consciously in your mind and you need to get them into your subconscious. Your dreams are the reason why you do, what you do. That is, if you’re not a sheep blindly following the crowd. Your capacity to dream ultimately determines your future success and its scale. In this article, I want to focus on specifying your dreams (your direction in life) and on the methods that can help you install them into your subconscious.

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Why Do I Need to Do That?

As I already mentioned, your dream is your WHY. Your dream is the purpose you have, it is the reason why you do what you do. It is the best guide in life you will ever have, it is your direction and your internal motivator. Why do successful people succeed? They have the capacity to dream big and then follow their dreams. When you have a strong dream, everything becomes clear. You need to start asking yourself why? instead of what? How do you handle this deep stuff? Dream visualization is the way to go. You always need to keep your dream in front of you, you always need to remind yourself of your dream. Only this way will you be able to hold on to it and go past all the distractions in your life, which is one of the greatest challenges we all have these days. There is also another benefit to dream visualisation that has to do with your subconscious. Constant visualization of your dream will leade to a passive installation of that vision into your subconscious mind, which will in return make you act in the proper way without consciously realizing. Our brain is like a computer, what you look up most often it will do. For instance, if you really want to become a millionaire, you constantly need to remind yourself of that dream and you will subconsciously start behaving in a way that will lead you there. This is obviously not the only method of getting there – you still need to do loads of conscious stuff to get there, but this will support you mentally in a great way.

Dream Visualization (installing into your subconscious)

There are many ways you can visualize your dreams. The first way you should already know about is your spoken word. If you have no idea what this is about, give this article a read. What I want to focus on now are two other, more straight forward methods. The first one involves writing your dream essay. What you want to do is sit down at a quiet place and write down a story of your life – exactly how you want it. Go from short, all the way to your long term dreams. How do you want to live when you’re 10 years older than now? How will these 10 years look like? What is the design of that new beach house you want? What about the car you always wanted? How many people do you want to help or lead? How big will your business grow in the next few years? All these questions and many more can be a part of your essay. What you want to do then is, review the essay every week and correct, update and improve your dream. Shape it in your way. The second method allows you to build on this one and take it a step further. Draw, look up and print your dreams. Look up a house that you really like and print it! When you have the physical picture, put it somewhere you can’t miss it! A fridge, a door or a ceiling above your bed are all very good spots. This really helps you to visualize that dream and installs it into your brain (subconscious).

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Do It Now!

What is the best direction of action you can take now? Start writing. Start writing your dream essay and don’t take it lightly, be very serious about it. It will impact the shape of your future life in a great way.


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