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Category: Habits of the Winners

The Life-changing 13

It is said that you are what you do every day. In other words, your habits make you or break you. Success is a sum of little steps that lead you all the way to the finish line (if there ever was any finish line).

How To Deal with Procrastination

We all know about it, we all curse it, we all understand that it wastes our time, yet we all actively engage with it. Procrastination is something that not only hurts our productivity, but often leads to some of the darkest self-talk and self-impressions you can think of. Ideas like, “I am so useless, I always procrastinate” pop up in our heads and damage our self-belief incredibly fast. Procrastination isn’t only affecting our productivity, as most people assume. It directly affects our mental health! We have received many requests to write on procrastination and to give you some tips on overcoming it.