3 More Ways To Improve Your Relationship

When you’re 80, thinking back about your life, you won’t think about how much money you’ve made, how many companies you’ve grown or how much you’ve travelled. You will think about the relationships you’ve created throughout your life. You will think about the people you’ve spent your time with. Relationships are arguably the most important aspect of our lives as human beings. This is due to the fact that we are social beings, we love to be around other people. This also means that your number one regret will be connected to the relationships that have not worked out, what you will regret the most is that you have not spent more time with the people you love. Because of that, I decided to minimize that regret in your life and write our second article on this topic. If you want to take a look at the first one, here is the link. Listen to the next audio (start at 1:40) before we begin.


Learn To Communicate

Communication is the most important aspect of your relationships. In fact, your relationships are built on your communication with the other person. If you can’t communicate how you feel, your relationship will be full of misunderstandings and misinterpretations that will drive you nuts and eventually lead to an end of the relationship. Learning to communicate is a long process that requires lots of practice. We have already posted an article on how you can connect with anyone. You can read about that here. In communication, being sincere and straight-forward is a must. You don’t want to allow any kind of misunderstandings step between you and the other person. Another important factor in communication is timing. You might have the best intention to talk to the other person, but there are times when it is simply better to give them more space. This is especially the case if the other person is of the opposite gender. Men and women find it very hard to understand when they should give each other more space and when they should be more intimate. It is a skill that requires practice. If you’d like to read more about this specific issue and many more regarding the relationships between a man and a woman, I suggest you take a look the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. It is probably the best piece out there that talks about issues of such kind.

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Build A 100/100 Relationship

This is quite straight-forward, yet many fail to understand it. According to my research on Instagram, most people think that relationships should be 50/50. That is a huge mistake. The only way your relationship will grow and prosper is through a constant effort of both parties. You both need to go all in. What does it mean from your perspective? It means that you should give it your all without expecting much in return. There will be times when you will feel like you’re giving more than the other person, but that will be only temporary. If not, that relationship was not meant to stay. It is as simple as that, but you should not hold back just because you’re afraid that the other person won’t try as much. Go all in and what’s meant to be will be.

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Create A Growth Environment

We are here to grow. Growth is something we are all looking for inherently. We might not understand it at first, but one of the major reasons why we look to create relationships is to grow personally alongside someone else. Thus, we should also strive to create a growth environment in the relationship. Help each other, support each other and strive to grow together. It is the most beautiful feeling when you learn what the other person needs and how you can help them. Each relationship is different in this sense because we’re all looking for something else. However, it is a fact that once you figure it out, lots of positivity and momentum will step into your relationship.

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How Do You Spend These 3 Crucial Commodities In Your Life?

When people ask me: “How can I instantly change my life?” I usually ask them back, where do you spend your time? Where do you spend your money? Where do you spend your energy? These 3 factors are arguably the 3 most important spending areas in your life. No matter what situation you are in, if you start paying attention to these 3 factors and take control of them, you will see a difference. In other words, tracking these 3 factors will provide you with an overview of how your life is going, where it is heading and how you can change it. Are you spending your time doing the things that help you grow and that you enjoy? Are you spending your money on the most important stuff or are you wasting it in Starbucks on coffees every morning? Are you getting angry over little, unimportant quarrels in your household? That’s the kind of questions I hope you would start asking yourself.

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Where Is Your Time Going?

In one of our articles, I talk about the value and the importance of time in our lives. If you want to read up on that, check out this article. The way we spend our time is something that has the power to determine our state of mind, our growth or fallback, our happiness, our future, our financial situation and many many more important aspects of your lives. Do you want to buy a house on a beach? There are specific ways you need to spend your time to reach that goal. Do you want to become happier? Redistribute the time you spend with people based on how they affect your state of mind. The way you spend your time can benefit you, or it can hurt you. You choose.

Where Is Your Money Going?

This is something most people struggle with, even though they are very aware of it. However, bad spending habits have taken over their subconscious mind and there is no stopping that. The only way you can stop bad habits is by breaking them and replacing them with good habits. How can you do that? Start tracking every single cent. Where does your money go? Get a notebook, carry it wherever you go and write down every single spending that you might have skipped. In some time, it will annoy the heck out of you, which will eventually lead to you stopping spending that money because you don’t want to see that stupid notebook. In other words, it will force you out of bankruptcy.

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Where Do You Spend Your Energy?

The third factor you need to mind is your energy. Where is it going? Are you spending your energy on unnecessary stuff like stupid quarrels over whether your meat is well cooked or not or are you focusing on the bigger picture? Do you place your focus in the areas you find necessary to grow in, or are you wasting it somewhere else? Your energy needs to be going in the direction of the areas that you care about the most. Do you want to be a footballer? Guess what you should be spending your energy on? Do you want to be a writer? Guess what now? You are the owner of your energy, don’t let it go to waste…

Start tracking these three areas if you feel like you need a change. Tracking them will allow you to see where the change needs to happen and what the change should look like. Start tracking!

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Mind Your Mind

In the modern era, many of us live our lives in a hurry. We’re often in a state of anxiety that we’ll not make the deadline, that we’ll be late or that we’ll miss out. There is actually a term that is used to describe this state of mind – the syndrome of fear of missing out. The reason why many of us live this kind of life is that we don’t know how to handle our own mind. Many people have no idea about the subconscious mind, prioritization and re-focusing. There are loads of people simply flowing through life with no specific purpose, living from paycheck to paycheck, from deadline to deadline. This is because they have no idea how to control their own mind. They don’t know how to calm their mind and re-focus it. That is also what I want to talk about in today’s article. I’ll describe how I personally re-focus and how it has changed the way I live my life.

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The Art Of Refocusing

In the present times with all the different kinds of media around us, we hardly manage to focus on our true goals. Our focus is often disturbed by the terribly violent news from the war on the other side of the world or by that “scandal” of our favourite movie star on social media. This is a great issue because people fail to live the life they’d want to live and then regret not spending more time developing themselves or developing their relationships. There are 2 major exercises that can help anyone in this sense tremendously.

Warren Buffet’s Prioritization

Warren Buffet once shared an incredibly useful tip on how you can prioritize in a very simple way. All you have to do is to sit down, write down the 20 most important aims, goals, targets, objectives or dreams that you want to achieve in your life. Then you rank these from the most important ones to the least important ones. Once you’ve ranked them, you will pick out the top 3 and disregard the rest. This will help your focus tremendously because you will know what is important for you and what you should prioritize. Of course, that is only useful if you stick to these priorities and your focus doesn’t get interrupted by useless stuff (anything that doesn’t lead you to the success in your top 3 priorities).

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So what do I do when I have lost control over my focus again? This can happen, don’t be discouraged by that. What I personally do and what I would suggest you do as well is finding out something that calms you down, something that cuts all your attention to other attention seekers (not only people but also tasks) and that allows you to focus on yourself. In my case, I love to take a walk in nature. I put earphones in, listen to an audio talk and walk around. I learned to appreciate nature and calm my mind. This allows me to refocus on my real goals. When I get back from my walk, I am ready to kick ass again. In your case, you could find this peace elsewhere. Some people find their peace in running, some like to draw, some like to listen to music. You have to find what works for you. Additionally, understand that “just walking” in nature is not a waste of time, if you utilise it to your advantage.

The Influence Of Refocusing

This method helps me in handling multiple things at once. I run a business, an online brand and I am a university student. I can do all these because I know what to focus on, what to prioritize and what to disregard. Everything becomes very simple when you understand your priorities and how to take control of your focus. I like to think that I am very productive during my days, yet my days are not hectic at all. I stay calm throughout my day because I have figured out how to mind my own business. I have figured out how to mind my mind. Use these 2 techniques I spoke about to gain control of your focus and of your life. It is very simple, you only have to make that step forward. Best of luck!

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5 Laws Of Stratospheric Success

It is natural for us, as humans, to always search for shortcuts. We always seek the faster track, we always seek the secret to success. In this article, I’ll talk about the 5 Laws Of Stratospheric Success from the book The Go-Giver. I highly recommend that you give this book a read because it is a mindset shifter, but it’s a really quick read. I personally have read this book multiple times, because it is so valuable as well as so much fun to read. It is written in the form of a novel, so you can actually identify with the main character and understand his situation that might be very much relatable to your situation at the moment. As I have already mentioned, it is a very short read. For those of you who are faster readers, you’ll probably finish the book in less than 2-3 hours. However, these 3 hours can change the way you see success. Now, let’s look at some of the value bombs from the book!


The Law Of Value

According to the first law, our true worth is determined by how much more we give in value than we take in payment. This is very much applicable in the business world, but also in your personal life. As I have mentioned in one of our articles where I talk about some strategies to improve your relationships, people should leave you happier than they were when they came. This goes for any situation. You want to give in value as much as you can without expecting much in return. When you give, you also attract. This is the true power of giving. Give as much as you can and don’t expect much in return and you’ll be surprised how you’ll start attracting awesomeness into your life (in any form you wish).

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The Law Of Compensation

This law states that your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. This should be a no-brainer. However, there are many who look to gain from people. There are many who look to serve others only when it benefits them. It is said that it is our nature to be self-centred and “rational” when it comes to making choices. However, many great economists like Richard Thaler who focus on the question of rationality and human beings argue that we are actually not as rational as we thought. For more info about this specific area, take a look into the book called The Nudge. At the end of the day, whether it is natural or not doesn’t matter. The bottom line is, the more people you serve and the better you serve them, the higher your income will be and the better your life will be.

The Law Of Influence

Through this law, the authors of the book argue that your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first. I strongly believe that real success does not come from materialistic things. It comes from within and from the number of people you’ve helped to live the life they want to live. In other words, you need to focus on the interests of others, help them reach their goals and you will gain influence, a following and you will reach the top of the Maslow’s pyramid of needs and wants. The true definition of success is the number of people you have helped live a better life. The greatest leaders are so great because they serve others greatly.

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The Law Of Authenticity

The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself, period. I always talk about focusing on yourself first, growing yourself first. If you make it happen within, without will be simple. If you learn to grow yourself and if you understand that you are capable of anything you set your mind to, you will nail this law. When people ask, what is it that you have to offer? Let me tell you, the most valuable thing you have to offer is YOU.

The Law Of Receptivity

The final law of success from this book states that the key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. You are there to give, but so are other people. There is a universal cycle that runs with no stopping. Don’t break it. In order for all the other laws to work, you also have to be willing to receive. Don’t be ashamed of receiving the value others are offering to you. Don’t break the cycle of giving and receiving.

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Mastermind Learning Technique​

Many of you reading this are students and if not, I strongly stand behind the saying that we all should be life-long learners. We should always be striving to learn more, to educate ourselves not only in terms of academic education but also in terms of life education, which includes concepts ranging from the subconscious mind to financial literacy. Thus I believe that people like Robert Kiyosaki or books like The Secret or The Power of Subconscious Mind should have a place in the lives of all of you. In this article, I want to reveal one of the most effective methods to learn quickly and easily with minimum effort but maximum result. I have been using this technique for a very long time and I can say that it works perfectly. I strongly recommend that you give it a try!

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Learning/forgetting Curve

The human brain is an exceptional memory tool, more complex but also more effective than the most modern computers of the present. It is the most effective computer on Earth. However, even the smartest computer has no use if we don’t know how to use it. Our brains work in a specific way, which we can take great advantage of. I’ll share a curve that represents the way our brain retains information. On the Y axis, you have the amount and the quality of information retained and on the X axis, you have time. You can see that we always forget the info we put in, but the more often and the more regularly we repeat learning the same information, the longer it takes for us to forget it (which is represented by the lower and lower steepness of the curve as it proceeds with time). If you keep repeating this process, you’ll eventually retain the information for years, if not a lifetime. Imagine moving to a new city. When you see the streets once, you will not remember where to go next time. But after passing through these streets for the hundredth time, you will have no problem with the directions there.


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Utilise What You’ve Just Learned About

Knowing all this, we can derive many useful learning techniques. In this article, I want to talk about 2 of the techniques I personally use. The first one is the utilisation of smart apps that account for the learning and forgetting curves and the second one is the utilisation of our sleep and the functioning of our subconscious mind during that time.


This app is excellent for the retention of any information ranging from graphical, economic or business information to language information such as words or idioms. I personally use this app to practice and learn Chinese vocab. I find it very useful because it works on the bases of flashcards. It involves many combinations and many options that allow you to personally customise its functions according to your needs. As I mentioned above, it accounts for the ways our brain retains information. Thus you don’t have to worry about working out your own intervals, as these are already included in the app. Of course, if you want to customise those, you can.

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Utilise Your Sleep!

The way our conscious and subconscious minds work is indeed tremendously interesting. This technique is something that has helped me learn Chinese and go through IB with a very good result. In essence, you utilise the fact that your subconscious mind works during your sleep. The way this works is that before you go to sleep, you take 10-15 minutes to go over what you want to learn. Then you go to sleep and when you wake up you do the same thing. Your brain consumes and retains the information during your sleep. When you wake up and review the information, you’ll realise that you actually know it as if you’ve just read it. This is something that people from many areas of life utilise. For instances, there are many great examples of people learning how to play an instrument, struggling to play a song in the evening and playing it almost perfectly after waking up. The way our subconscious mind works is truly amazing. Utilise it!

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